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What’s new?

We now have a Shop with new glasses-free Holographic 3D screens for your living-room, this new SuperMultiView screens accept any 3D format and also can upconvert 2d to the Holographic 3D format with 54 angles of the image, so you can move naturally and see different angles of objects just like in reality.

Maybe we will soon offer 3D blu-rays for USA or Europe to buy on our shop, we’re working on that.

If you can’t afford this new screens you also can visit our updated 3D Devices section and look for a 3D device that fits your budget (or even save money if you look for used devices on craiglist or ebay):

If you have an Android device you can find our custom Aptoide 3D store on our Apps section.
Another change is the Links section changed to Forums, we embedded the MTBS forums, but also don’t want to other 3D forums be forgotten, so you also have links to other forums and maintain other interesting links.If you have time you could consider to Ask Disney or Vudu to offer 3D movies in SBS format, you have the links under the forums (reasons here).

We also have improved our Best of 3D section. Now it’s easier to filter by category, you can check for new additions on the ALL tab, the other categories are always sorted alphabetically. Also check often the Cinema section, if you want new 3D content you should also support the 3D movies and ONLY go to the 3D projections of movies available in 3D, if people doesn’t care to support 3D movies 3D will die. Please note that not all 3D movies will be published on Best of 3D, because we only publish the best 3D content that we have watched for ourselves, we try to watch all 3D movies, but maybe there are no 3D projections on our area or arrive later than where you live, and also there are 3D movies that are not perfect but still more enjoyable than 2d version (fortunately this lasts years almost any 3D movie have good or very good 3D, stronger or weaker, but definetively without mistakes).

3D movie tickets

What’s next?

We have a lot of pending articles, soon we will publish an article of a new 3DTV IP channel and instructions on how to watch it so you will always have something new to watch in 3D. Also we will speak about to watch 3D movies with VR headsets.
We have tens of articles and tutorials pending to publish, but we don’t have the time and resources to publish them as often as other websites, we make this website free, without tracing cookies or ads, on our free time while doing our jobs, so if you think you can help writing articles just send us a message to

Translators are also welcomed (specially Français and Chinese).

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