Ask Disney to include SBS 3D movies on their Disney Plus VOD service

As you probably know Disney is launching it’s own Video On Demand service, so another big player is going to compete with Netflix (and Vudu, which is offering 3D movies in USA right now). This contendant will have the strongest catalog without having to make any agreement because they own Marvel, Pixar, ABC, Fox, and National Geographic among others.

They are the biggest & best 3D content source. Marvel and Disney movies are the king of 3D Blu-ray sales and almost all their movies are released in their Disney 3D. For that reason is so important that 3D is not forgotten in their upcoming streaming service. As streaming services grow, disc sales keeps decreasing. So it could be the case that they stop selling 3D movies (the latest X-Men movie: X-men Dark Phoenix is the first not released in 3D Blu-ray) . Maybe there are not new 3DTVs to buy, but all the existing 3DTVs are less than 10 years old so will not be replaced in short term, there are a lot of new 3D projectors and new models still arriving, the number of VR headsets is increasing constantly, and wearing a bulky headset which immerses yourself into a virtual 3D world makes stupid to watch 2d content on it, there are the Red Hydrogen One (and soon the successor), and more Leia and Ultra-D holographic 3D screens are coming eventually. It could be a disaster if this new Holographic 3D devices arrive and no new 3D movies are released, whatever the format, although if this is the case maybe companies will abandon 3D to adopt a new Holographic format with 4 or more views like the Red Hydrogen One.

All the existing 3DTVs are less than 10 years old so will not be replaced in short term

It’s very important that they don’t have to modify the App to check if you have a 3D screen (only to add a new SBS 3D “quality” added to 4K, HD and SD), because if they do that it will block a lot of 3D screens that could successfully use the service. You could use a 2d smartphone or PC to stream via Miracast or cable to your 3DTV because your SmartTV doesn’t have Disney+ App; or maybe your 3DTV is not SmartTV so you have to use the App from your console, PC or mobile connected wired or wirelessly to your TV. There are a lot of users using the mobile or the PC to watch VOD services on their TV.

Disney should only use SBS, not any special format, like most creators uploading SBS 3D videos on YouTube. YouTube doesn’t even know that these videos are 3D, The standard SBS 3D format enables far more 3D devices to play 3D videos than using the native 3D player of YouTube (that results in playing in creepy anaglyph on a lot of flawless 3D capable devices, even glasses-free). Remember our article How to properly watch 3D YouTube videos.

I have SIX 3D screens capable to show 3D images from any SBS source but NONE of them can play 3D movies from Vudu because Vudu doesn’t detect them as 3DTVs!

This way (using SBS and not modifying the App code to detect 3D screen) they will not waste money and at the same time they will arrive to a lot of millions more devices. That was the mistake of Netflix and Vudu, they didn’t kept in mind that you can use the App from other device connected wired or wirelessly to your 3D screen, or users with other 3D screens, not only TVs. There’s still millions of people in USA that can’t watch Vudu 3D movies on their 3D devices, because Vudu doesn’t know they have a 3D screen attached or they have an Android/Windows device being capable to watch SBS 3D from any App. Like me, I have SIX 3D screens (3D smartphones, 3D notebooks, 3D tablets, and 3D SmartTVs) capable to show 3D images from any SBS source but NONE of them can play 3D movies from Vudu because Vudu doesn’t detect them as 3DTVs; This is madness!

Of course, the SBS 3D images will be able to use the same DRM protection as the other 2d versions. Since the SBS image acts like any other 2d image can be protected by the same DRM and allow viewing on the same devices, being equally protected from piracy.

The big mistake of VOD services offering 3D content

They’re unknowingly discarding millions of 3D devices

On the image Vudu is saying that my purchased 3D movie is not available on my PC, even if it have a 3DTV connected via HDMI cable, and can connect via Miracast to my other 3DTV. On my PlayStation 3 and XBOX One consoles connected via HDMI to my two 3DTV the situation repeats. They don’t mind a PC or mobile can be connected to a 3DTV, and on the store of my 3D SmartTV there’s no Vudu App even if is a recent 2015 model. Also, there’s a lot of 3DTVs that doesn’t have any Smart capability to install Apps but they can watch Vudu on the 3DTV from their other devices.
Vudu thinks the 3D market is very small, because they’re unknowingly discarding millions of 3D devices.

For Disney it will be cheap to include 3D versions of their movies. The price of subscription will include 4K versions for all movies, and 4K files are way bigger than 3D. So it’s evident that it will be more profitable for them to stream 3D files than 4K, 3D users will consume less bandwidth. Also Disney will need to invest only a few hundreds of dollars for a few Terabytes more on their servers. A movie on 3D blu-ray fits in less than 50GB, but streaming services use more efficient codecs (they need to, not everyone can receive 50GB in 2 hours with their internet connections) so the files don’t occupy so much space. And the price per Terabyte is very cheap right now, maybe the Disney Plus servers already have enough free space right now to include the movies in 3D, but if not, is an advantageous investment that will return with only a few hundred 3D subscribers, and remember, those users will use less bandwidth than users watching 4K versions (more benefit margin than 4K users).

Also, as they’re included in subscription, some users could discover movies they were not initially interested to pay for and enjoy them so much that they could be encouraged to buy the 3D Blu-ray. Therefore, this proposal will bring additional revenue and more money to Disney, as it will entice subscribers into buying additional discs for a movie that he/she already watched included on the service. Speaking on my behalf, I will be one of those users buying more discs if they stream 3D movies, as I will use the service to check if the 3D of a movie I still don’t own is worth the money to buy the 3D blu-ray.

I personally choosed the last reason to contact the Disney Plus twitter account:

They sent me a private message saying this:

As you see they didn’t say yes, but also they didn’t say no. If more people ask them to include the movies in 3D they will see that interest for 3D is still there and could make it a reality to fulfill the demand.

Let’s go, choose your reason to ask Disney for 3D on Disney+ and contact them on their Twitter account, you can use one of the reasons we explained above. Also don’t forget to mention the country where do you live. Other streaming services only release 3D content on their origin country, not available for the rest of the world (like Netflix and Vudu releasing 3D movies only on USA, and LaTV best 3D movies locked for French users only), so if you’re not on USA make sure to mention your country, more people from more countries the better.

For your convenience, you can directly send them this tweet (it will open in a new window and you will be able to modify text before sending):

@DisneyPlusHelp Please, add SBS 3D to Disney+. You will arrive to millions more 3D devices than Vudu without big investments, but with bigger returns than 4K.


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5 Responses

  1. 3D Phil says:

    Great information, thanks for doing this.

  2. Marcin Witukiewicz says:

    Hi, I was hoping you could help with this. I want to create a DIY lenticular sheet you can put over a 17″ Laptop and view 3D movies and photos using the Stereoscopic video player. The only thing is I’m not sure what type of lenticular LPI sheet to get. I was wondering if you know or could provide me with the proper information.

    I am a huge fan of 3D and finding glasses-free devices at a reasonable price is next to impossible.

    Thank you.

    • Kano3D says:

      Ideally you need a lenticular that exactly fits your resolution: if screen resolution is 1920×1080 you need a 960 columns lenticular film of exact same size of screen. As this will not be likely the case you can buy any lenticular film and make a program to interlace the 3D image at the same position of lenticular columns. But if you find some brand that could make you a custom lenticular film to your screen resolution and size please tell us. Note that most lenticular films can show more than 2 views (and some sizes need to because it can be very difficult to find correct angle for the only two views of traditional 3D, so this can be another issue)

  3. Valery de Massia says:

    Valery from Canada – we are purchasing a high quality 8 K TV. All that is keeping me from a Disney membership is availability and option of 3D motion pictures. Thank you for your efforts.

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