Save $100 when buying Lume Pad from Tridimensional

UPDATE: Lume Pad is no longer available. You can buy the ProMa King Tablet or wait for Lume Pad 2. Until February 27th you can get a Lume Pad for $100 less if you use the code you’ll get buying Lume Pad from Tridimensional, you will be helping us to make future reviews of new […]

Real high quality 3D Lenticular prints with last Leia update

Leia is launching 3D Lenticular Prints with last update of LeiaPix (available for Lume Pad and Hydrogen). This update is a Christmas present to us! The new Leia Prints service lets you order high-quality many-view lenticular Prints of the Lightfield images you’ve posted to LeiaPix. They’re available in two sizes: Regular sized Prints are a […]