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Save $100 when buying Lume Pad from Tridimensional

UPDATE: Lume Pad is no longer available. You can buy the ProMa King Tablet or wait for Lume Pad 2.

Until February 27th you can get a Lume Pad for $100 less if you use the code you’ll get buying Lume Pad from Tridimensional, you will be helping us to make future reviews of new devices. If you’re planning to buy the Lume this is your chance. Also, if you buy the device and recommend it to your friends with the link Leia will provide you can win money for every friend buying this 4V tablet!

More users using it will mean the community of 3D content will also growth (actually Lume holds the largest 3D photo community). Is very easy to create new 3D content with Lume’s included cameras, and also you can import “Portrait mode” images from your smartphone which already have depth information, so you will see some of your existing images in a whole new way. Lume also allows to convert existing 2d pictures into 3D/4V (which we found to be the finest 3D conversion to date). And you can use a computer to convert 2d videos into 4V, with way better results than Google AI depth conversions that everybody is excited about. We’ll speak more about this 3D conversions and our experience with the device in upcoming months.


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