Apple Vision Pro. Is it a game changer for 3D?

Apple Vision Pro is the entirely new device Apple is bringing next year. This device is both something already seen on other devices, but also something entirely new. Basically, Apple Vision Pro is an AR (Augmented Reality) device, but made using highly advanced VR (Virtual Reality) technology. This way they can avoid all the big […]

Why the iPhone is the best 3d device without 3D display

UPDATE: now more updates, this time to the AR capabilities with ARKit 6, improving the depth awareness of environment, and available to developers and their Apps. Example scanning an entire house in seconds. It is not a secret, the iPhone has become a great device to take 3D photos and videos. The excellent quality of […]

You already have the finest 3D tablet. Now what? Here you have a lot more 3D content

You are enjoying the integrated features of the new tablet. You can watch 3D movies in streaming, see your personal 3D photos, enjoy the ever-increasing 3D content at YouTube, browse stereoscopic communities on social networks, and so on. But… … Do you want more 3D content to enjoy? Do you want to learn new things […]

Another independent review for ProMa King Tablet

NOTICE: This review is from an early prototype. Since then software features have been updated and modified, and new features added (like using the tablet as 3D PC monitor). Information about software capabilities might not be accurate. The ProMa is an Android tablet that arrives in a silver coloured box with the necessary accessories. Well […]

Happy 10 years i3DSteroid! The App that unleash 3D photography

Today, but 10 years ago the mobile equivalent to Stereo Photo Maker appeared on the App Store of Apple devices. i3DSteroid was born; Having the ability to align stereo pairs that you just toke on the smartphone allowed that anyone could do 3D photos, even without a 3D camera or PC to edit. Making 3D […]

Make the most of the Fujifilm Finepix W3 camera and it’s 3D photos & videos

Thanks to the ANAVision YouTube channel you can dominate your Fuji W3 like a pro! 00:14 Overview 01:42 Shooting Photos and Videos 04:58 (I think I’m in Trouble) 05:22 Viewing Photos and Videos 12:17 MyFinepix Studio 16:19 – Viewing Photos 19:00 – Viewing Videos 21:08 – 3D Movie Trimming 23:08:- 3D Movie Splitting 24:24 – […]