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You already have the finest 3D tablet. Now what? Here you have a lot more 3D content

You are enjoying the integrated features of the new tablet. You can watch 3D movies in streaming, see your personal 3D photos, enjoy the ever-increasing 3D content at YouTube, browse stereoscopic communities on social networks, and so on. But…

… Do you want more 3D content to enjoy? Do you want to learn new things to do with your ProMa King Tablet? You’re reading the right article.

So, let’s start with a glimpse of 3D content your King enables you to see when you purchase it.

3D streaming service (for free!)

YouTube 3D videos

3D on any website

3D display for your PC

Ok, I’m already aware of these content sources, now give me links to websites with more 3D content

Alright, here’s a list of places where you can watch 3D content directly on your ProMa King Tablet (and talk about 3D):

Trailers in 3D
180º 3D & 3D clips
Movie clips in 3D
Space videoclips
(in square Full-SBS)
3D showcase
Talks and reviews
in 3D (and tutorials)
Musical voyages
Clips in Top-Bottom
Trailers Over/Under
National Parks N3D
3D videos on Vimeo
more channels here
Stereopix (recommended)
(Don’t use the 3D button, select
Interleaved Columns 2 and
put images at Fullscreen)
Parallel View (Reddit)
Stereoscopic 3D (fb)*
NSA (association) (fb)*
3D Blu-ray collectors (fb)*¬
Stereoscopic 3D (Twitter)¬
3D Movie Fans (MeWe)¬
3D World (Reddit)¬
Stereoscopic 3D (Reddit)¬
Fans of 3D (Reddit)¬
Stereo 3D (Reddit)¬
Stereo Photo (Reddit)¬
3D Central (AVSForum)¬
Stereoscopic Society
(Groups io)¬
3D Photos & Videos (Tg)
(use web version, OR if you
use the App download the 3D
content to watch it)

¬ mainly to talk, but there’s
also 3D images or videos

The Stereoscopy Blog
– Brooklyn Stereography
Parallax Shift
LeiaPix Converter
(convert any 2d photo to
SBS 3D or animation –
Stereoscopic Society
3D Photos NET
-ytf- (Flickr)
Helixmod (3D is inverted,
just watch from an angle)

What if I generate my own 3D photos with my smartphone?

What if you directly do most of your photographs in 3D? The most awesome 3D content is the content you make yourself to capture your life.

Making a 3D photo with your smartphone is as easy as make two photos instead of one. You can do all your photos in 3D from today, from now, when going to take a photo, move your smartphone horizontally from left to right and press the shutter button two times, as simple as that. Later you can open both images with 3DSteroid, and save the SBS image, then send to your King via Bluetooth, PhotoSync or Telegram (better sending image as file, not as picture), and open sView on the King to watch them. You can learn more here, and we’re publishing an easier tutorial soon.


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