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Happy 10 years i3DSteroid! The App that unleash 3D photography

Today, but 10 years ago the mobile equivalent to Stereo Photo Maker appeared on the App Store of Apple devices. i3DSteroid was born; Having the ability to align stereo pairs that you just toke on the smartphone allowed that anyone could do 3D photos, even without a 3D camera or PC to edit. Making 3D photos with photo pairs is easy; click here to know how to make 3D photos with any camera, and being able to align the images directly on the same device you toke them, allows to get the resulting 3D image in less than 10 seconds. The auto-align feature can correct big deviations between the two images, or you can use manual alignment for fine-tuning or make more pop-out or all-inside images.

Actually iPhone cameras are among the best cameras in mobile devices. The excellent dynamic range, the excellent colors, the great night mode, the speed of taking multiple images at a time, or even the Live Photos feature (that could literally save the photo if you miss the moment, among other useful uses for 3D enthusiasts), and other features that iPhone cameras can do, produces the best 3D images from photo pairs available (only surpassed by DSLR cameras). But some models even can record simultaneously from two lenses thanks to i3DMovieCam, to take even moving subjects -not too far-, and even 1080p per-eye 3D video!! (with a quality and real 30fps smoothness that exceeds any 3D camera, including the 3D1 and the recent Lume Pad -yes, the best 3D camera is not a 3D camera, is an iPhone-). Then, I personally watch the 3D images on my ProMa King Tablet prototype or on my PC.

We are grateful (and anyone should) to the developer, some people will complain that it is not a free App, but the few bucks for enabling direct alignment of photo pairs seems a great deal, we think that one time payment is even cheap for what it unlocks to do with your device.

I literally make ALL MY PHOTOS OF MY LIFE IN 3D, all days, in any moment: when I have to make a photo I always make the stereo pair, even if there’s some movement you can save the 3D picture with a little editing or making a longer exposure. For subjects with more movement or videos I use i3DMovieCam, and for some selfies I use the depth map capture of the portrait mode of default’s iPhone camera App. But 99.9% of my photo library from last 5 or 6 years are 3D photos, from that more than 95% are made thanks to having i3DSteroid or 3DSteroid on my mobile devices; that’s tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of 3D photos…. So the only thing I can add is:

And together 10 more

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