Games with good 3D that we recommend for your (New) Nintendo 3DS

Now that the Nintendo eShop doesn’t offer Nintendo 3DS games anymore, we can still buy physical cartridges to increase our collection of 3D games. This is a list of games we know that make good use of the Stereoscopic 3D feature: External affiliate links This is a small compilation of other good 3D games that […]

Lume Pad: Finally the first 3D tablet that actually can be watched comfortably

UPDATE: This is a review of a Holographic 3D tablet, if you prefer a not-pixelated experience, you have our Stereoscopic 3D tablet with stunning definition in 3D: the ProMa King Tablet. We’re reviewing this 2020’s glasses-free 3D device. This time, we have a glasses-free holographic 3D tablet that actually can be watched comfortably. With a […]

Get GTA V for free! One of the best Stereoscopic 3D games

Few days ago we said that PC is the biggest source of free 3D content, and now we can announce that you can enjoy one of the best stereoscopic games for free! GTA V premium edition is available on the Epic Games Store. Includes GTA online, 1 million GTA$, and some vehicles and properties for […]

Best of 3D. New section in which you will find only the best 3D contents.

We are proud to present a new section in which we will demonstrate that there are tons of movies and video games with the finest 3D visuals. If it’s not impressive it won’t be on this list.  If it’s not perfect and espectacular it won’t be in this list. Only the best. There are 3D movies […]

Great success of The Looking Glass holographic display

UPDATE: You can now see directly your SctechUp designs, use AR to control holograms in real time, mosaic mode, and even watch or upload holographic videos from/to Vimeo, so you can show not only holographic videos, but trailers from all your other holographic stuff too, like videogames, Apps or 3D designs or plans. The Looking […]