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Get GTA V for free! One of the best Stereoscopic 3D games

Few days ago we said that PC is the biggest source of free 3D content, and now we can announce that you can enjoy one of the best stereoscopic games for free! GTA V premium edition is available on the Epic Games Store. Includes GTA online, 1 million GTA$, and some vehicles and properties for GTA online.

As with all other free games on Epic, there’s really no catch. It will be free for two weeks, and once you redeem it, it’s yours: you don’t even need to download it. All you need to do is download the Epic Games Launcher—you might already have it from playing Fortnite—and then navigate over to the store. Once you’re there, you can’t miss it: just click on the icon and redeem it.

I’d recommend doing this even if your computer isn’t up to actually playing GTA 5: the game is yours anyways, and so it will be ready for you in case you ever get hardware powerful enough to make it work. A free game is a free game, and there’s really no reason not to go get it. Damn, even if you don’t have a PC right now but you’re planing to buy one on the future you should claim it.

The game is so good in 3D that I personally sold my console copy and buy it again on PC some years ago. Since then I always have played in 3D no matter if I play online or the story mode. I simply can’t play it again in a flat screen. Also I have uploaded 3D videos to our YouTube account. Of course it deserves our Best of 3D badge. GTA V works directly with nvidia 3D vision, just be sure your graphic card have more than 4GB of VRAM.

Story mode
Online mode

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