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Lume Pad: Finally the first 3D tablet that actually can be watched comfortably

UPDATE: This is a review of a Holographic 3D tablet, if you prefer a not-pixelated experience, you have our Stereoscopic 3D tablet with stunning definition in 3D: the ProMa King Tablet.

We’re reviewing this 2020’s glasses-free 3D device. This time, we have a glasses-free holographic 3D tablet that actually can be watched comfortably. With a supercharged Lightfield display from Leia; Leia spent the last two years improving almost every aspect of the Hydrogen One smartphone. Now, without restrains from other companies (Red silently stopped development of the Hydrogen only 5 months after launch while still promising updates, but the only updates users actually were receiving came from Leia Apps).

This tablet uses Lightfield Holographic 3D technology, so you can move and watch other angles of image, the previous generation of this Lightfield screen already was a success offering very good results (and a lot of users are actively using their Hydrogen One right now), but Leia supercharged it and improved the things that were not so good, like brightness and sharpness. The 4-view images are now 4×4, so you can watch other angles not only horizontally but also vertically. So moving your head or the device to watch the 3D images is not only allowed, but also advisable.

Do you want to know how good are 4V images? Here’s a 2d recording showing the 4V screen in action.

As you see you can notice light reflections change accordingly like if you were there. Note this is a 2d recording of a 3D image, seeing this in person is a lot better because you’ll see the full volume and depth of the image.

This powerful tablet packs 3D cameras on front and back and other sensors, it uses the latest improvements in image analysis to capture depth even for objects farther than the optimal stereo base of the camera. Also you can take 3D or 4V photos both in portrait and landscape mode, the high-end processors and DSPs of the device calculate depth map for images to generate the correct depth even if you take the images at other orientation than the cameras. You can store the photos and videos in standard SBS format instead depth map if you want, so you can watch them in your other 3D displays.

The device comes with a complete suite of programs taking advantage of the Lightfield screen: you can not only take and watch 3D images and 3D videos, but you also have a community to share them if you want. Also you can view 3D models with all their depth in the 4 view screen, perfect for 3D printers users to preview results before spending hours printing. Also you can convert your drone footage or any other video with horizontal scroll in 3D footage. And there’s a store with a growing App library so you can download more Apps that use the Lightfield screen.

  • HoloPix, the still growing H4V photo community of the Hydrogen One is quickly becoming the largest 3D photo community, on this tablet unleash even more the beauty of 4V photos.
  • The new LeiaStream allows to stream 3D video to the community.
  • LeiaLoft, the store for new Lightfield Apps.
  • LeiaPlayer, to watch and edit/retouch your Lightfield/4V and SBS 3D photos and videos and 3D models. Now even with the possibility to convert 2d images to 3D.
  • LeiaCam, designed for Lume Pad’s cameras, capture 2D or stunning 4V / 3D photos and video.
  • LeiaViewer, to visualize models and see your work in a whole new way.

Users now can share a GIF of their 4V/3D images so people doesn’t need to have a 4V screen to watch the images. Your 2d-friends will also love 4V images! Here’s a sample taken with Hydrogen One, which also have the new feature, in which you can also appreciate the 4V screen of Lume Pad:

Photo taken with Hydrogen One, with the new sharing as animation feature of LeiaPlayer

Of course the new Lume Pad can also take this great images, and thanks to the new 3D cameras, with even more quality.

Because this is a high-end tablet you can use it as a 2d tablet like the latest Galaxy tablets, but with 3D cameras and 3D display. You can connect any keyboard and/or mouse to use like a fast notebook for work and browse -or connect a xbox/playstation gamepad to play 2d or 4V games (yes, you can play Fortnite or Minecraft)-. Or you can connect to a PC to act as a second display or even as 4V/3D display for Blender, Maya, After Effects, etc. Also, being a full Android 10 system (update to Android 11 coming soon) you can download any App from Play Store. The system is fast and responsive.

On the LeiaLoft Store there are some games with nice depth like Asphalt 8 and Super SmashBall 4V. There are much more games, but not as good as this two. We miss more Apps on the Store, rather than games, like Google Earth or 3DSteroid Pro, although LeiaPlayer can edit & enhance 3D of your photos and videos and also you can convert 2d photos to 3D (which works surprisingly good for photos with people and selfies, is almost perfect), and other third party Apps taking advantage of the screen. The Leia Team say is looking for existing developers that would benefit to adapt their Apps to Lume Pad.

Creators and developers also have an array of tools to make new Apps and content for existing and upcoming Leia screens. Including Unity, Unreal Engine, After Effects, Android SDK and others.

In grey tools available soon

Leia demonstrated they support their products, even if their products are part of an officially unsupported product: oficial development of Red Hydrogen One stopped more than one year and a half ago, but the device still gets updates from Leia Apps and even new Apps (some people are changing the name from Red to Leia Hydrogen One). This Apps also work on the Lume Pad.

So when Leia promises updates, like system update to Android 11 and new functions like use the front ToF (Time of Flight) camera to allow even more angles than the 4 views that the screen can do, we strongly believe them…

The tablet is priced at $999 (less than £780 and ships anywhere in the world). Considering that it is at the level of high-end tablets such as the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab S, which unlike these has front and rear 3D cameras, and has exclusive content in 4V, and also allows you to see traditional 3D content and do things that Samsung can not do we consider the price is very good.

Finally a good 3D tablet worth to use it.

Lume Pad

Lume Pad is available to buy directly from Leia


4 thoughts on “Lume Pad: Finally the first 3D tablet that actually can be watched comfortably”

  1. Do you have a Christmas give-away drawing? I would love one of these but will never be able to have one. If you have a drawing, please enter me. It would be my dream come true. Thanks.

    Donna Mason
    1160 Windridge Drive
    Pickerington. OH 43147

    God bless.

    1. Of course! You can use Full/Half-SBS format. And there’s experimental support of Top-Bottom formats. So you can watch ripped and downloaded movies.

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