How to take good 3D videos & photos with the iPhone’s 3D camera. BONUS: Use it as 3D camera/webcam for your desktop device

If your iPhone has two horizontally aligned lenses (in landscape orientation) on the back, you can record 3D video and take 3D photos.

New Stereoscopic book – L’Emp’reur, sa femme, le p’tit Prince: The Imperial Family of France, Photography and the Stereoscope

Article written by the author of the book: Denis Pellerin The latest book I have written, “L’Emp’reur, sa femme, le p’tit Prince” : The Imperial Family of France, Photography and the Stereoscope, is about the special relationship that existed between Napoleon III, the Empress Eugénie, their son and photography, including stereoscopic photography. The book is richly […]

Upcoming Goovis G3X, a cheaper version of the Goovis G3 Max

Goovis is preparing a new version for its Goovis G3 viewer, lighter and cheaper, but also with important drawbacks on its features Goovis is preparing the G3X, an OLED Cinematic HMD, 42PPD and 1920*1080 Pixels Per Eye. With a sleek and lightweight design, the G3X is a reduced version of the Goovis G3 Max, which […]

How to take Spatial Photos & enhanced HDR Spatial Videos with Spatialify (and export from/to 3D) on your iPhone

Now you’ll learn to record even better Spatial Videos in HDR at 60fps or 4K, and also how to take Spatial Photos (not available in the iPhone’s Camera). Moreover, in this tutorial you will learn how to export to other 3D formats, and from 3D to Spatial.

Interview with David Fattal, CEO and Founder of Leia Inc.

David Fattal is one of the most important visionaries in the context of Stereoscopic 3D devices and applications. Many devices and developments are possible thanks to him. We were eager to learn more about the vision of the founder of Leia, so, in the frame of the Mobile World Congress, we interviewed him.

3D remote surgical training

The digital revolution has reached a new milestone with the development of the virtual operating room, a cutting-edge technology that is transforming the way surgeries are performed and taught remotely. This breakthrough, represented by the mSurgery tool, was recently presented at Mobile World Congress 2024, highlighting its ability to provide an unprecedented immersive surgical experience. […]