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3D remote surgical training


The digital revolution has reached a new milestone with the development of the virtual operating room, a cutting-edge technology that is transforming the way surgeries are performed and taught remotely.

This breakthrough, represented by the mSurgery tool, was recently presented at Mobile World Congress 2024, highlighting its ability to provide an unprecedented immersive surgical experience.

Through this innovation, specialists from around the world can now observe and participate in surgical procedures in real time, without being physically present in the operating room.

The virtual operating room, a novelty introduced by José María Balibrea and Jordi Tarascó of the Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital in Badalona, Barcelona, promises to revolutionize medical training and the performance of surgeries.

This technology allows high-definition broadcasting, up to 4K, of everything that happens during surgery. Specialists can immerse themselves in a 3D experience, visualizing everything from the surgeon’s hands to the working field with unprecedented clarity and depth.

Quirófano virtual

One of the greatest advantages of the virtual operating room is its ability to democratize the teaching of surgery. Traditionally, surgical learning required the physical presence of the student in the operating room, limiting access to this valuable training.

However, with the implementation of mSurgery, it is possible to connect hundreds of surgeons remotely, allowing them to participate in the operation from anywhere in the world. This openness not only facilitates access to specialized training, but also enables the continuous updating of knowledge in the surgical field.

The concept of remote surgeries comes to life with this technology. It is not only limited to the training of physicians, but also opens the door to remotely guided surgical interventions. Experts in specific techniques can offer real-time advice and guidance to other surgeons performing complex operations. This is particularly valuable in critical situations or in remote locations where specialists are not readily available.

The virtual operating room not only focuses on training and performing surgeries remotely, but also contributes to improving the quality and safety of surgical interventions. The ability to record and analyze procedures in detail allows surgical teams to review and optimize their techniques and procedures. It also minimizes the risks of nosocomial infections by reducing the need for physical presence in the operating room.

The introduction of the virtual operating room marks a turning point in the world of medicine. The mSurgery platform, developed with the support of Telefónica and Vectorpipe, not only enables detailed visualization of operations in real time, but also promotes global collaboration between specialists.


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