Xreal Beam Pro. An Spatial camera designed for the Xreal AR glasses.

At AWE 2024, XREAL announced a brand new mobile Android device called Beam Pro that serves as an accessory to XREAL AR glasses.   The XREAM Beam Pro offers dual 3D cameras, allowing users to capture 3D videos. It was designed to allow AR glasses users to access the apps they want without draining their […]

Acer introduces the SpatialLabs Eyes Stereo Camera

Acer is becoming a broad ecosystem of 3D products, transcending above their LeiaSR integration. Acer has unveiled the new SpatialLabs Eyes Stereo Camera, specifically for those who want to take 3D photos and videos. Beyond 3D shots, it integrates with the SpatialLabs platform (like Acer’s SpatialLabs Player 3.0) so it can integrate easily with other SpatialLabs devices, […]

The iPhone 15 Pro & Pro Max are officially a 3D camera/video camera from Apple

The just presented iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max are the first iPhones that will officially bring 3D capture to the masses. UPDATE: The horizontally aligned lenses in the iPhone 15 Pro & Pro Max are the wide and ultra-wide lenses, so 3D images taken with i3DMovieCam will be finally at 1x zoom. With […]

Kandao bring us a promising 3D camera with wide stereo base!

UPDATE: They reconsidered the quality and compatibility issues of half-SBS and chose to use the standard Full-SBS format also for photos. We asked them to also support MPO files. There’s a new 3D camera on Kickstarter (about 26h left at the writing of this article!), that have 65 mm stereo base. Since the Fuji W3 camera, […]

ProCam update allows iPhone 11 to actually be a 3D camera

A recent update of ProCam 7 for iPhone added direct takes in SBS 3D. As iPhone 11 (including the Pro and Pro Max) comes with an slightly wider stereo base than Hydrogen One it allows to make better 3D photos. It’s still low separation, but you can get real 3D photos in real time with […]

A new and unexpected 3D camera: Spectacles 3

The newly announced Snapchat Spectacles 3 feature two cameras, and it’s all designed to allow you to create 3D video that can interpret the depth of your environment. Two HD cameras sit on either side of the front of the glasses, and these are designed to capture depth in the images and video you’re filming […]