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ProCam update allows iPhone 11 to actually be a 3D camera

A recent update of ProCam 7 for iPhone added direct takes in SBS 3D. As iPhone 11 (including the Pro and Pro Max) comes with an slightly wider stereo base than Hydrogen One it allows to make better 3D photos. It’s still low separation, but you can get real 3D photos in real time with one of the best mobile cameras available now, results will be better than Red Hydrogen One, of course iPhone 11 does not come with 3D screen; we have used EyeFly3D but depth is too weak, almost everything have too much depth for EyeFly3D, MOPIC cases instead have good 3D, but there’s no case for iPhone 11. Our solution is to use Apps like PhotoSync to send the 3D images to another 3D mobile or device, or stream to our 3DTV with Replica App.

Due to triple lenses alignment of Pro models the App have to use the Wide Angle + Telephoto for 3D pictures, so joining images from the two lenses and cropping them for making the 3D image results in 3D photos in x2 zoom. Non-pro iPhone 11 instead, use Ultra Wide Angle + Wide Angle lenses, so resulting images will be Wide Angle. Both results have their advantages and inconveniences, making the iPhone 11 Wide Angle 3D images more convenient for most situations, but with weaker depth, and the Telephoto 3D images obtained in Pro and Pro Max models will preserve more depth at farther subjects.

You can view results on our new 3D viewer (above you can select your 3D visualization system, and go to the next images). Note that in the first image we were too near, it seems live preview is from left eye so we didn’t notice that right eye was not capturing the front of the plane; We made another take with another plane, but this time it seems alignment were not correct, so we corrected alignment with Stereo Photo Maker as you can see in the third image. Our recommendation is to capture subjects not so near, if you want nice depth you have to capture subjects from 0,5m to 2m (1.6 to 6.5 feet). As less distance the better, but below 0,5m you could need to align images, or find parts from right eye cropped.

We only miss to make the 3D photos in 16:9 aspect ratio, 4:3 is a format not very suitable for 3D content. Also making the same magic with video could be a game changer: DoubleTake from Filmic already allows to record from two lenses simultaneously, but after capture you have to properly crop video if you want 3D. The small stereo base is good for video, as we experienced wiht the Hydrogen One. ProCam team is always listening feedback, as they demonstrated hearing our suggestion to be able to save directly in SBS instead of two JPEG (before this we had to join the two jpg images with 3DSteroid, now it gives instant results). If you want to make suggestions to developers you can send them an e-mail.


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