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The iPhone 15 Pro & Pro Max are officially a 3D camera/video camera from Apple

The just presented iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max are the first iPhones that will officially bring 3D capture to the masses.

UPDATE: The horizontally aligned lenses in the iPhone 15 Pro & Pro Max are the wide and ultra-wide lenses, so 3D images taken with i3DMovieCam will be finally at 1x zoom. With previous iPhone models it had to be at 2x or, even more inconvenient, 3x zoom.

Apple will bring later this year this functionality that will make 3D recording a popular choice. Until now, we had i3DMovieCam to extract 3D images & videos from the horizontally aligned lenses from iPhones, as well as portrait mode photos that can be watched in 3D with a Lume Pad. But with the cameras of the 15 Pro line up, and a software update later this year, we’ll officially have 3D capture and recording from the triple camera system. We’re confident it will offer a smoother stabilized experience than using i3DMovieCam, maybe even at 60fps for an even smoother experience.

But we can also get 3D photos when taking most regular photos. Because you won’t need to manually switch to portrait mode, the iPhone will automatically detect and capture a depth map for images where it detects a person or pet. As we said, portrait mode photos can be watched in a Lume Pad/Nubia using the Leia App designed to transfer them to the Lume/Nubia, and we’re pretty sure it will allow transferring “Spatial video” too.

We will talk about all these things in future articles!


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