A new and unexpected 3D camera: Spectacles 3

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A new and unexpected 3D camera: Spectacles 3


The newly announced Snapchat Spectacles 3 feature two cameras, and it’s all designed to allow you to create 3D video that can interpret the depth of your environment. Two HD cameras sit on either side of the front of the glasses, and these are designed to capture depth in the images and video you’re filming directly from your face.

The glasses are designed to be a fashionable device that you can wear day-to-day, but they allow to change the tinted lenses with prescription lenses by providing your eyes correction data on a dedicated website (from only $85 more if not using polarized lenses), so you can convert this 3D camera on your everyday glasses and wear it anywhere. On some cases Spectacles 3 will be cheaper than your actual stylish prescription glasses.

You can make 3D photos using the cameras allowing you to create short GIFs that simulate depth, exactly as that Seene App Snapchat bought years ago, so you can enjoy again this type of 3D photos and share to any friend without 3D screen. You can export the file and then upload it to other social media services.

You can upload the video to your Snapchat and apply a variety of 3D effects directly from your phone within the app. It works in a similar way to existing Snapchat Filters that you apply using the app, but these allow you to create 3D effects in your video. Or you can watch the 3D video using a Cardboard or VR headset, the App allows to upload this VR video to YouTube, so expect some new circular 3D videos on YouTube in the upcoming days.

None of this is visible through the lenses of the glasses though. Those are standard tinted lenses that are ANSI Z80.3 rated, so they’ll protect your eyes from the sun’s rays, but they won’t display augmented reality content.

There are four microphones to pick up audio when you’re filming video, and the glasses comes with 4GB of storage on board. According to Snap, that’ll allow for around 100 videos or 1200 photos onboard before it’ll have to connect to your phone.

Both photos and video from the glasses are circular, and the cameras supply a resolution of 1642 x 1642 for photographs. Videos are filmed at 60 frames per second with a resolution of 1216 x 1216.

In terms of battery, the glasses will be able to record around 70 videos before needing a recharge. Snap has thought of that though and it comes with a charging case that allows you to pump it up with more battery quickly and easily.

Snap says the charging case will recharge the device four times over. One thing to note is that Snap is only offering a leather charging case, so this isn’t set to be the most vegan friendly option for everyone out there.

The glasses come in two different variants called Carbon (that’s black) and Mineral (that’s a pale pink color) but the design is the same for both.

You can get more info and buy sun glasses here, and prescription glasses here.


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