Introducing ProMa Master Plus, a 3D tablet with instant AI 2d to 3D conversion

Say goodbye to the limited angles of traditional 3D displays! The ProMa Master Plus Tablet is here to revolutionize your viewing experience with crystal clear images that maintain their quality no matter the angle. This means you can immerse yourself in 3D content more comfortably than ever before. Designed for 3D enthusiasts, the Master Plus […]

nubia Pad 2 announced. A massive improvement from previous nubia Pad 3D

Leia Inc. announced that ZTE’s nubia Pad 3D II is the latest device to unlock glasses-free 3D using LeiaSR technology, the 5G tablet is a massive improvement from last year’s nubia Pad 3D: it will arrive with an 80% increase in 3D resolution, a 100% increase in 3D brightness, a 5x reduction in cross-talk which eliminates […]

Now the Nubia family also supports wireless 3D streaming from your PC

Moonlight3D is on the Leia Appstore now Like our King’s tablet remote connection exclusive feature did in the past, now the Lume Pad 2/Nubia Pad 3D (from now we’ll call them the Nubia for easier reading) can also stream your PC content to the tablet. Any and all content in Half-Width SBS format on your […]

Lume Pad 2 / Nubia Pad 3D announced

Barcelona’s MWC 2023 is here. And that means we have new announcements of 3D devices and technologies. The successor of Leia’s Lume Pad has been announced. In the US, the device will be called simply as Lume Pad 2. In other territories, the device will be distributed by ZTE (creators of the Axon 7 Max) […]

You already have the finest 3D tablet. Now what? Here you have a lot more 3D content

You are enjoying the integrated features of the new tablet. You can watch 3D movies in streaming, see your personal 3D photos, enjoy the ever-increasing 3D content at YouTube, browse stereoscopic communities on social networks, and so on. But… … Do you want more 3D content to enjoy? Do you want to learn new things […]

Another independent review for ProMa King Tablet

NOTICE: This review is from an early prototype. Since then software features have been updated and modified, and new features added (like using the tablet as 3D PC monitor). Information about software capabilities might not be accurate. The ProMa is an Android tablet that arrives in a silver coloured box with the necessary accessories. Well […]