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Lume Pad 2 / Nubia Pad 3D announced

Barcelona’s MWC 2023 is here. And that means we have new announcements of 3D devices and technologies.

Lume Pad 2 promotional image

The successor of Leia’s Lume Pad has been announced. In the US, the device will be called simply as Lume Pad 2. In other territories, the device will be distributed by ZTE (creators of the Axon 7 Max) as Nubia Pad 3D, with same specs than Leia’s but with different chassis and packaging. We don’t know if ZTE will add programs to the included Leia Suite, as they enhanced the 3D features of the Axon 7 Max with nice goodies.

Specifications of the new Lightfield tablet:

  • Snapdragon 888 with 8 GB RAM •
  • 3D cameras in front & back improved by AI (suggested by us) •
  • MicroSD Card Slot •
  • Fingerprint Reader & Face Unlock •
  • Quad-Surround Speakers for Dolby Atmos •
  • 12,4” display, 2560×1600 at 120 Hz (same resolution in 2d than original Lume Pad) •
  • Lume Connector pogo-pins for docks (like the King Tablet with its keyboard) •

Leia improved the resolution in 3D mode by forcing landscape orientation for 3D + using eye-tracking. The increased 3D resolution will be noticeable but not massive because the display is larger (less pixel density), and will use more holographic views (8 views). But this also means images will look more natural and more holographic, instead of looking as stereoscopic with an additional angle, and avoiding annoying jumps between angles of the image.

“With Leia’s unique 3D•AI experiences, now available worldwide, people no longer have to settle for unnatural interactions like video chat on a flat screen,” said Cecilia Qvist, CEO, Leia Inc. “Lume Pad 2 is for anyone who has ever sought a more genuine human connection from their online experiences.”

“We know that 3D isn’t new – but how we do it is,” said David Fattal, Leia Inc. co-founder and CTO. “With the world focused on how AI will continue to shape our future, we feel that this is one of its most thrilling applications – giving the naked eye a fully immersive 3D viewing experience that we believe makes Lume Pad 2 a 3D device for everyone.”

Expected to be among the most popular features are LeiaChat and LeiaDream.

LeiaChat offers heightened emotional connection, in true-to-life 3D chat (as opposed to other apps that use avatars), enabling a present, and refined video experience that captures unparalleled depth and nuance. 

“Leia is poised to bring immersive 3D to mobile users worldwide,” said Brendan Ittelson, CTO of Zoom. “The opportunity to chat in 3D – especially from a portable handheld device – will no doubt transform the way we connect with others on a daily basis. So we have optimized our platform to best relay stereoscopic video streams and ensure LeiaChat offers the highest quality 3D video call experience.”

ProMa King Tablet already allowed viewing 3D calls in Zoom, if the other party had a 3D camera broadcasting in Full or Half-SBS. Lume Pad 2 will also allow us to broadcast our image in 3D while viewing the other party in 3D.

Leia Suite of Lightfield 3D Apps

Leia has also partnered with Stability.AI to leverage its Stable Diffusion technology to create LeiaDream, the first built-in generative art app enabling users to get creative and generate AI art in 3D from text. 

“We’ve only just begun to understand how AI will transform the way we communicate, collaborate and create,” said Emad Mostaque, CEO of Stability.AI. “Leia continues to push boundaries with 3D, as they literally open our eyes to a new dimension of digital engagement, bringing art to life and engaging creatives with groundbreaking tools.”

The 3D tablets will be available in April for $1099, at least the ones from Leia. No notice about the Nubia Pad 3D launch.


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