Differences between Stereoscopic 3D, Holographic 3D, and Hologram

If you usually visit this blog you may have wondered about the difference between 3D and other screen technologies. Here we’ll tell you the differences between them. First of all clarify that this terms are not official (sometimes neither the manufacturers themselves are able to explain clearly what kind of image their products offer). But […]

We have enjoyed a 4DX cinema and it is an unforgettable experience

In recent months, cinemas with 4DX technology are appearing all over the world. This technology adds effects of movement, vibration, wind, splashes, etc., to the movie-watching experience. There are up to a total of 21 effects for 4DX Extreme certified films. This novel type of experience had previously been enjoyed in amusement parks on short-term […]

Ultra-D to be integrated on BOE’s entire series of product lines

UPDATE: the money to Ultra-D success come from Vela Technologies. Vela is a investing company focused on early-stage and pre-IPO disruptive technology investments “Vela has today entered into a subscription agreement with StreamTV whereby it has agreed to invest $100,000 in StreamTV from the Company’s existing cash resources […] vesting in the event of a liquidity […]

Red Hydrogen One. The second 3D revolution. All info

The era of holographic displays is finally here. Even before Ultra-D. These better-than-3D-without-glasses displays will allow you to see other angles of image like in reality, even 3D blind people can see depth through movement. Still this images will happen inside a screen (not like Hollywood movies floating outside a screen or even around the […]

Great success of The Looking Glass holographic display

UPDATE: You can now see directly your SctechUp designs, use AR to control holograms in real time, mosaic mode, and even watch or upload holographic videos from/to Vimeo, so you can show not only holographic videos, but trailers from all your other holographic stuff too, like videogames, Apps or 3D designs or plans. The Looking […]

Ultra-D. The first 3D revolution. Everything you need to know

On our blog we are down to earth, so we don’t want to speak about technologies that could never arrive to stores. We have spoken about Ultra-D a few times, but still you can’t go to the mall and buy an Ultra-D TV, but this is gonna change this year. 8K Today 4K is a […]