Ultra-D to show a 6K 3D screen with 16 million pixel on CES 2018

Today StreamTV Network’s published a tweet announcing private previews on CES 2018 to experience their latest device: a 16 million pixel panel (6K). That is double pixels than a 4K screen. In 3D. Without glasses. Until now, there was only massive 5K resolutions for computers, but Ultra-D goes beyond and doubles definition of 4K for […]

Other amazingly revolutionary 3D products presented on CES 2017 by Ultra-D creators

If you read our article about Ultra-D technology you know that Ultra-D TV is the future of 3D-TV. But that was only the beginning. A lot of consumer products are being developed using Ultra-D technology, actually StreamTV Networks is deploying 3D digital signage solutions, that wow factor will spread everywhere while they improve technology for mass-market. But we are more interested on consumer products, so let’s speak about them.

3 million Euro for a technology that promise to recognize 3D from 2D photos

Wooptix just has managed a financing by value of 3 million euro.

From astrophisics and image capture on space, a team of researchers has gotten a method for take 3D photos with any camera

Volumetric Video: is the future

Remember the Google’s .jpg depth map? It can be applied to video, but it’s still better. Not only you can turn around the video to see from back if you want, there’s a new system that record not only image, it can record a 3D model scene too, like video games. This allows to not only to move freely […]