Lume Pad now can watch and manipulate the +500000 3D models from Sketchfab

The Lume Pad continues to keep improving with updates every few days. This time we can directly access to the popular Sketchfab service, which currently hosts more than 500k 3D models, including animated models. LeiaViewer renders a wide pipeline of model formats – including STL, OBJ, FBX, GLB and GLTF – then puts the power […]

Lume Pad: Finally the first 3D tablet that actually can be watched comfortably

UPDATE: This is a review of a Holographic 3D tablet, if you prefer a not-pixelated experience, you have our Stereoscopic 3D tablet with stunning definition in 3D: the ProMa King Tablet. We’re reviewing this 2020’s glasses-free 3D device. This time, we have a glasses-free holographic 3D tablet that actually can be watched comfortably. With a […]

Two new 3D smartphones available with a promising 3D Hub

Update: External video added to end of article, showing unboxing and first contact with device. Following the tradition of some 3D mobiles every year this 2019 bring us the ROKiT IO 3D and the ROKiT IO PRO 3D. The Pro version features IPS 5,99″ 2160×1080 18:9 screen without notch, 64GB storage supporting 128GB microSD cards, […]

Red Hydrogen One. The second 3D revolution. All info

The era of holographic displays is finally here. Even before Ultra-D. These better-than-3D-without-glasses displays will allow you to see other angles of image like in reality, even 3D blind people can see depth through movement. Still this images will happen inside a screen (not like Hollywood movies floating outside a screen or even around the […]

Review: SuperD D1. So much for so little

SuperD D1

UPDATE 3: SuperD just launched the Ivvi brand. You can buy the Ivvi K5 with double memory and storage than D1 and upgraded design. UPDATE 2: You can buy it at AliExpress. UPDATE: Due to great quality and balance between hardware and software the device had great reviews from buyers and all remaining units has been sold.  Cheap devices […]