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Review: SuperD D1. So much for so little

UPDATE 3: SuperD just launched the Ivvi brand. You can buy the Ivvi K5 with double memory and storage than D1 and upgraded design.

UPDATE 2: You can buy it at AliExpress.

UPDATE: Due to great quality and balance between hardware and software the device had great reviews from buyers and all remaining units has been sold. 

Cheap devices offer low quality and basic services, right? Not always.

Today we’re reviewing a Thai device with some interesting services included.

The packaging is very good. The front side of the device is very beautiful, it seems a high-end device. But the back side is too simple and for us is not attractive.

Opening the box Powering on with plastic film The back side

The system is very iOS-like, but is even faster and cooler than an iPhone, this is shocking because is a device 10 times cheaper. It is so beautiful and enjoyable using it that we don’t want to change the launcher. That is the first good surprise you encounter using this device. Everything is smooth and cool.

Included in the system are the 3D “Store” (everything is free), the best screen recorder we have seen -is super smooth, we haven’t seen a faster App even on high-end devices (watch a recording at the end of the review), system manager, App clone and freeze, FM Radio, CoolMusic (and yes, is very cool), and there’s no Google bloatware. So we are very happy with the SuperD launcher and services included.

Photo quality on low light conditions Low light (dusk), backlights from spotlights and moving scene. A lot better than iPhones The same scene with HDR activated

If we speak about the hardware the first you need to know is that the camera is incredibly good for its price, at day and at night. In a concert at dusk, without using flash, with moving people and spotlights making backlights the results are very good (look the photos of the concert above), even with HDR (but in night this mode will take more time to make the photo). This camera does better photos at night than the +1000$ iPhone X, in iPhone X the spotlights of concerts ruin the photo and the moving subjects are blurry, the resulting photo is a lot darker too. In day quality is similar to iPhone X. So you should ask yourself why people are paying so much money for boast about having an iPhone, when what is important is that the things you do with the device, not the design. With this device you have speed and quality both in hardware and in software. The fingerprint reader is not as precise and fast as the one in the ZTE Axon 7 Max, sometimes you need to try again, but is good enough, a lot better than the Doogee Y6 Max 3D. Speaking of the Doogee the SuperD it also packs a better GPS antenna, again, not as good as the ZTE -more reaction time-, but you can trust on the SuperD for GPS navigation (and is something you can’t say of the more expensive Doogee). Physical buttons are very good and we miss physical (touch) buttons like these on other devices. The not so good hardware parts of the device are the speaker and the battery. The speaker is so badly placed that if you put on a flat surface sound will distort very annoyingly, ironically this will make you never miss a call for not hearing it 🙂 About the battery, it last one day with regular use, and last a lot if you’re not using the device. The problem is using the GPS. You better not use the device for GPS navigation when low battery or you can find the device shutting down suddenly. If you have more than 30% battery you shouldn’t worry about this (usually happens below 15 or 10%), but if your device shuts down you will need to recharge for more than 5 minutes to use it again (it will show 0% battery). Users also will notice that the real screen is not occupying all surface, there is a black border around it, but for us make the device even more beautiful, the same 5,5″ but with beautiful borders, and there’s no additional borders at side, so the device is still narrow for small hands. The camera App is basic, but offers a fun a beauty rating in selfie mode (yes, the device will rate your beauty). The HDR shots will often look better, even at night.

The 3DBox remote App for SuperD Holographic Box (not included on package 🙂 ) Games launched from 3D Games folder will launch in 3D Some games will also work in VR mode (VR headset not included) if launched from VR folder

And now our favorite part: the 3D. The 1080P 3D screen is using an unknown tech, is not an interlaced screen, so traditional 3D Apps like 3DSteroid does not work directly in 3D. You can’t see directly an interlaced 1080P 3D image like the other devices. Thankfully we have a 3D store with some Apps adapted to the screen, added to the games and movies. There’s eye tracking but it only works on daylight conditions, it can’t track your eyes without light, and there’s another catch, it doesn’t work on games (when is more useful cause you’re constantly moving). On the same 3D/VR Store we have a personal area to import our 3D photos (i.e. made with 3DSteroid) and to take them with their own App. This App has no alignment options, so it will be always better using 3DSteroid and import them on the Hub to see it in 3D. The 3D definition is not as good as the other 3D smartphones, being a lot larger (less pixel density) you get a much sharper 3D on the Doogee.

Personal 3D photos section, you can import 3D photos on the first button on top right If you press the button at bottom on previous screen you arrive to this 3D camera App, but we prefer 3DSteroid The 3D camera App also can do VR images

The Store includes 3D and VR Apps, a lot of games, movies, photos, panoramas, and a surprising Shared by the community content and e-Sports section (PC games recorded in 3D). There are a lot of 3D games, and most of them are very good in 3D (not like the Axon 7 Max), but more games need eye tracking for be more enjoyable. This device acts like a cheap Nintendo 3DS and 3D movie streaming service (in English). There’s no Youtube 3D player.

Despite some flaws, you get so much 3D content that is impossible to not recommend this device for its price. You will never feel there’s no 3D content.

SuperD D1

90$ / 80 €

3D Quality








3D Ergonomy



  • Amount of 3D content
  • Super smooth interface
  • Beautiful and Cool
  • Price
  • Hardware and Software balance


  • Eye tracking not for games or darkness
  • 3D not sharp
  • Battery suffers with GPS
  • Speaker bad placed
  • Slow charging while on

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