The iPhone finally becomes the ultimate 3D device: Unleash all its 3D capabilities with our iPhone Spatial Display

Revolutionizing the already excellent iPhone 3D ecosystem by adding the final piece needed to make it the ultimate 3D device.

New Spatial/Immersive cameras and new contents. New features and new possibilities in VisionOS 2

UPDATE: VisionOS is now compatible with WebXR and it’s enabled by default. Apple introduced new features on the WWDC24 for Vision Pro, among some impressive privacy-friendly AI features Vision Pro has been on the market for less than a half year, but in that time the number of native Apps increased from 600 to 2000. […]

Looking Glass launches two 16″ and 32″ OLED models of its holographic displays

Sleeker and more adaptable, these next-generation XR displays offer the world’s best 3D experience for professionals who rely on immersive visualization Looking Glass, the hologram company, has expanded its product line-up with new 16” and 32” spatial displays that enable stunning group 3D visualization without headsets. These displays bring XR immersion to professionals who demand […]

3D at CES 12024

Every year, an increasing number of 3D devices are introduced at CES, and a most of them are available for purchase in the following months, instead of being just prototypes. Apple The Apple Vision Pro wasn’t presented at CES, but people are talking a lot more about the Vision Pro than any other device at […]

Apple Vision Pro. Is it a game changer for 3D?

Apple Vision Pro is the entirely new device Apple is bringing next year. This device is both something already seen on other devices, but also something entirely new. Basically, Apple Vision Pro is an AR (Augmented Reality) device, but made using highly advanced VR (Virtual Reality) technology. This way they can avoid all the big […]

Sony introduces a larger 27″ holographic display

The first display in Sony’s lineup offered a screen size of 15.6 inches (about 40 cm). However, larger 3D models were cut off at the edges of the holographic diorama. So Sony has announced a larger and improved Spatial Reality Display. The ELF-SR2 display is not only larger, but also has an improved vision sensor […]