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Looking Glass launches two 16″ and 32″ OLED models of its holographic displays

Sleeker and more adaptable, these next-generation XR displays offer the world’s best 3D experience for professionals who rely on immersive visualization

Looking Glass, the hologram company, has expanded its product line-up with new 16” and 32” spatial displays that enable stunning group 3D visualization without headsets. These displays bring XR immersion to professionals who demand cutting-edge visualization tools for developing, presenting, and interacting with 3D digital images, video and applications in real-time.

 A part from the new OLED technology, they include the same features of the Looking Glass line up:

  • 3D images for multiple viewers, with the ability to transmit between 45 and 100 views
  • Support for holographic images, videos and real-time 3D applications
  • Compatibility with peripherals and sensors allows for contactless gesture control for a more immersive experience
  • Software package with add-ons for Unity, Unreal, Blender and WebXR
  • 3D model importer
  • SDK for developing custom 3D/holographic content

These displays include standard VESA mounting and a desktop stand, are slim and can be positioned horizontally or vertically. The 16″ model will cost $4k, with a limited time introductory offer that brings it down to $3k. For pricing on the 32″ model the company should be contacted. Customers can choose the device with landscape or portrait orientation.


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