Looking Glass launches two 16″ and 32″ OLED models of its holographic displays

Sleeker and more adaptable, these next-generation XR displays offer the world’s best 3D experience for professionals who rely on immersive visualization Looking Glass, the hologram company, has expanded its product line-up with new 16” and 32” spatial displays that enable stunning group 3D visualization without headsets. These displays bring XR immersion to professionals who demand […]

3D photographers: Looking Glass Portrait will include direct support of SBS 3D images

The successful crowdfunding campaign of Looking Glass Portrait announce new benefits for backers, including direct support for SBS 3D images and a Voxatron license (a platform of Holographic videogames). There’s also support for the depth maps of Portrait photos on iPhone and now also with Android so you will suddenly be able to watch your […]

Looking Glass Portrait lower their price for backers due to high success

Thanks to the huge success of Kickstarter campaign of Looking Glass Portrait now they have enough resources to offer better prices to backers. They’re near to 2 million dollars raised so they can now offer a bigger discount to backers, so you can get one for $249 (185 pounds) instead the $349 final price. But […]

Looking Glass presents a new affordable Holographic device and raises $1 million in 24h

The Looking Glass Factory did it again. The first Looking Glass was a success, even when their devices were intended for creators. Now, they’re introducing the first Holographic display intended for everyone: Looking Glass Portrait. And the results have been blunt: $1 million dollars in 24 hours. And the crowdfunding campaign still have 42 days […]

Great success of The Looking Glass holographic display

UPDATE: You can now see directly your SctechUp designs, use AR to control holograms in real time, mosaic mode, and even watch or upload holographic videos from/to Vimeo, so you can show not only holographic videos, but trailers from all your other holographic stuff too, like videogames, Apps or 3D designs or plans. The Looking […]

Apple Reality Glasses will offer a 3D Mixed Reality world, including 3D video service

Apple is on the lookout for a number of new employees who will be heavily involved in promoting the company’s first mixed reality headset, which is currently in development. Apple also intends to develop a virtual 3D world to go with its future mixed reality glasses. According to Bloomberg, Apple is looking for several experts to join […]