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3D photographers: Looking Glass Portrait will include direct support of SBS 3D images

The successful crowdfunding campaign of Looking Glass Portrait announce new benefits for backers, including direct support for SBS 3D images and a Voxatron license (a platform of Holographic videogames).

There’s also support for the depth maps of Portrait photos on iPhone and now also with Android so you will suddenly be able to watch your existing photos in better-than-3D, as well as access to the paid App to record Holographic videos Record3D. There’s also the possibility to convert 2d to 3D conversions with a cloud-based service.

3D Photographers and creators will be able to create Holographic content, and watch their existing 3D images in a whole new way. Backers pay $100 less than final price.

You can become a backer here


2 thoughts on “3D photographers: Looking Glass Portrait will include direct support of SBS 3D images”

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    1. You’re right, I check and read my articles a lot of times before publishing, but when managing three languages at a time some errors still left undetected. I usually correctly write which, but when I write it incorrectly that word seems particularly difficult to detect after successive readings

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