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Looking Glass presents a new affordable Holographic device and raises $1 million in 24h

The Looking Glass Factory did it again. The first Looking Glass was a success, even when their devices were intended for creators. Now, they’re introducing the first Holographic display intended for everyone: Looking Glass Portrait. And the results have been blunt: $1 million dollars in 24 hours. And the crowdfunding campaign still have 42 days to raise more money.

This new device can run standalone or tethered to a computer. As the name say is portrait oriented display. Is slightly smaller than 8,9″ Looking Glass and share similar pixel density than this one. Being standalone could be a central piece of a home or room.

This could be useful for being a central piece of your home, like a home control center to control domotic systems and see statistics/info about your home (alarms, temperature, log, electricity usage). But first they will need to integrate that inside or open the included Raspberry 4 for developers. This is our opinion, but we think that hang this device on the wall and making an holographic interface for your home could be the killer use of this device, could be a game changer that also will make people want to use also other holographic screens on their life for other things.

Currently standalone use include random visualization of hundreds of holographic demos, see in Holographic 3D your phone photos made in portrait mode (from iPhone, Huawei, Samsung and other top phone brands), left a Holographic video message, etc. Visualization of pictures from 3D cameras is also confirmed because they surpassed crowdfunding objectives.

They have plenty information on their Kickstarter campaign, so instead explaining you all the possibilities we recommend you to check all info there. They also offer Holographic capture kits with Microsoft Azure Camera (you can also use Intel Realsense) and even photo rails so photographers can capture 45 views easily.

The final price will be $350, but you can save $100 if you support the campaign. If you’re act today (December 3rd) you can get yours for only $199. Early bidders also will get the device 1 month before: March 2021 instead April.


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  1. “Ever since I was a little kid, I dreamed of the moment that I’d be able to have a holographic display of my own,” CEO Shawn Frayne says in the release. “I imagined what it would be like to send someone a holographic birthday message, or to say hello as a hologram to my great-great-great granddaughter. Looking Glass Portrait, the culmination of six years of work by our Brooklyn and Hong Kong based team, makes those dreams real for more people than ever before.”

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