Finally! Disney+ will stream 3D movies… But only on the Vision Pro

It seems that common sense has finally prevailed at Disney. Beginning with a few dozen movies, 3D movies will finally be available on Disney+, at least if you possess a Vision Pro. The good news is that the films will look better than ever, with a stunning 4K resolution per eye (most theater projectors are […]

Disney+ in 3D is what most people who come to our website are looking for

UPDATE: You can watch 100 3D movies for free on our ProMa King Tablet Remember: Vudu have a catalog of 3D movies to stream (only available in US and Canada) A year ago we published an article to encourage people to ask Disney to include SBS 3D movies in their Disney+ service. It seems that […]

Help Restore the 1977 Martial-Arts Classic Dynasty in 3-D

This stereoscopic gem will fly off the screen in Super 3-D and Quadrophonic Sound! Since October 2015, 3-D Film Archive has successfully restored twenty vintage features for preservation and Blu-ray release. Generous backers have supported two previous Kickstarter campaigns presented with 3-D SPACE: September Storm and El Corazón y la Espada.  They are now asking for your help […]

Demand 3D projections at return to cinemas #BackTo3D

Links at end of article Cinemas, restaurants, and malls have been closed for some weeks. Rightfully so, as health, safety and trepidations of spreading COVID-19 transcend any benefits of social gatherings. With the rise of streaming services and online content, the pandemic worries cinema owners, filmmakers and avid cinemagoers never like before. Cinemas are opening […]

[UPDATED]Quarantined? Tons of 3D content to enjoy (bonus: build a 3D viewer)

If you don’t have a 3D screen… Not everyone can purchase a 3D screen. And now is even more difficult and expensive (unless you buy 3D mobiles like the Elephone P11 or the Red Hydrogen One -very cheap refurbished-). But you can convert your current smartphone on a personal 3D screen. You can either buy […]