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Help Restore the 1977 Martial-Arts Classic Dynasty in 3-D


This stereoscopic gem will fly off the screen in Super 3-D and Quadrophonic Sound!

Since October 2015, 3-D Film Archive has successfully restored twenty vintage features for preservation and Blu-ray release. Generous backers have supported two previous Kickstarter campaigns presented with 3-D SPACESeptember Storm and El Corazón y la Espada. 

They are now asking for your help to restore the 1977 martial arts 3-D classic, Dynasty aka Qian dao wan li zhu aka Super Dragon. 

This 3-D pop-out spectacular is directed by Mei-Chun Chang and stars Tao-Liang Tan, Ying Bai, Kang Chin and David Wei Tang. (Ying Bai was given an award for Best Supporting Actor at the 1977 Golden Horse Film Festival.) The original screenplay is by Kuo-Hsiung Liu and the stereo cinematography is by Jung-Shu Chen.

The goal for this restoration is to raise $10,000. These funds will enable to do 4K digital scans of the surviving 35mm materials. Once scanned, they will execute;

  • Meticulous frame by frame digital clean-up of all dirt and damage. 
  • Left/right shot-by-shot stereoscopic vertical alignment correction.
  • Flicker reduction. 
  • Scene to scene color restoration. 
  • Image stabilization and grading to assemble a fully restored digital 3-D master.

This new digital master will then be utilized for a Region 1 (A) 3-D Blu-ray release. This disc will not be a BD-R, it will be a commercial disc pressed and manufactured to current industry standards

This will be their first release in Compatible 3-D meaning you can view it on any system. The package will have both BD3D polarized AND anaglyphic (red/cyan) 3-D versions. In other words, a dedicated 3-D Blu-ray player or display will not be required to view Dynasty in 3-D. The packaging will contain one pair of anaglyphic 3-D glasses with information on how to acquire additional glasses.

The film will also be playable in standard flat 2D mode. 

The audio channel will have the English dub track only, in the miracle of 4-channel magnetic Quadrophonic sound.

You can help and reserve your copy for 35$ here:


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