[UPDATED]Quarantined? Tons of 3D content to enjoy (bonus: build a 3D viewer)

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[UPDATED]Quarantined? Tons of 3D content to enjoy (bonus: build a 3D viewer)



We have added even more sources of 3D content

If you don’t have a 3D screen…

Not everyone can purchase a 3D screen. And now is even more difficult and expensive (unless you buy 3D mobiles like the Elephone P11 or the Red Hydrogen One -very cheap refurbished-). But you can convert your current smartphone on a personal 3D screen. You can either buy a cheap VR headset to use your mobile as 3D screen (with prices varying from 2$ for cardboard to 20$ in plastic with controller and headphones) or build it by yourself in cardboard (official instructions from Google / 0$ tutorial video). You can also use stereo viewers or buy 3D books with stereo viewer included that you can use on your smartphone.

Using any headset/viewer of the above you are ready for any Full-SBS 3D content. But if you have Half-SBS pictures or movies you will need to use sView, a player that supports any 3D file format and even 3D IPTV streams, on various 3D visualization systems, so you can watch the Half-SBS images in Full-SBS format, there are also other SBS 3D Players, but they only work with video files.

Movies and Documentaries

When quarantine ends don’t forget to support 3D movies going to 3D projections at the cinema, if a 3D movie is not announced in 3D at your cinema urge them on their social networks to make it available; we need to maintain the 3D alive, without your constancy 3D would have disappeared long time ago, keep asking for 3D.

In the meantime, how big is your 3D blu-ray collection? Maybe is good moment to extend your collection, also there are sales like 2×1 on Zavvi Spain.

We offer some imported movies on our Shop with limited quantities (promotional coupon B2WYAXJA only if you buy today).

If you have any branded VR helmet (HTC, Valve, SteamVR, Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus, etc.) you can use Bigscreen to rent 3D movies or watch downloaded videos, you can also watch 3D YouTube and even 3D photos (while watching content on SBS turn on the SBS option), all in your own virtual living room or movie theater. If you want you can join or create a group to watch the content with more people (and if you want you can talk with them).

If you have Oculus Go or Oculus Quest, you have the service FandangoNow which offers plenty 3D movies (service available only in some territories). If you also use FandangoNow in 2d screens and you are going to buy or rent a movie that at that moment you don’t want to see in the VR helmet, check also if it is in Oculus because when you buy/rent the 3D version for VR you also have the 2d version.

For movies you also have Vudu streaming service (only USA), but only if their App detects your 3DTV properly (you should use their native SmartTV App instead using it from an external device, if available).

There’s one 3D movie on Shudder (service only available on some countries) you can watch for free using the free 7-day trial (or 30 days using the code: shutin when signing up). The movie is Found Footage 3D and it can be watched both in SBS or Anaglyph (but except for occasionally watch some photos, we don’t recommend anaglyph for movies). If you can’t watch Vudu 3D movies at least you can watch this movie (bad for Vudu, they lose a lot of money because not using standard SBS).

There’s also an upcoming 3D streaming service, but for the moment (2022) the project is stopped: https://3dod.vhx.tv


You have the IPTV channel of our last article with some instructions to watch it. Broadcasting 24h a day, 366 days a year.


PC is currently the most prolific source of 3D content… And you can increase your collection for free!

Every week several famous games become free for a limited time (when you claim them they’re yours forever) on platforms like Steam or Epic, but also on many more sources, making a impressive collection of even hundreds games a year. Though not all of them work in 3D, if you have nvidia 3d vision you’ll get an unfathomable collection of 3D games. And the community is working every day to run in 3D new games previously working only on 2d. PC also allows edit/make your own 3D photos/videos and also enjoy the other sources of 3D content of this article. So don’t hesitate to spend money on a computer with nvidia 3d vision monitor and glasses (refurbished 3d vision glasses are cheap now), it will be worth the money even if you don’t save any money for buying content.

3D Fix Manager launcher, which allows to excecute in 3D hundreds of videogames

If these free games aren’t still enough for you, you can subscribe to Humble Choice, where each month you can choose up to 9 from a list of 12 games, worth hundreds dollars, every month there are famous big titles, and usually most of them working in stereoscopic 3D (or become available to play in 3D few days later thanks to 3D Fix Manager). You get extras as well and a library of 90 additional games called Humble Treasure, some of them exclusive.

Do you own a PlayStation 3? If not maybe is a good moment to buy for cheap the PS3 console and the numerous 3D games available for it (full list).

Also is a good moment to buy a New Nintendo 3DS for cheap (we don’t recommend the first Nintendo 3DS, only the New model), almost all games were designed to be shown in 3D, but not all games have strong 3D but moderate.

At the end of article you will also find some console emulators to play in 3D.


Do you know 3D photography appeared in 1850, more than 1 decade before color photography? Since then there have been stereoscopic photographers everywhere. That’s 170 years of 3D content from every remarkable event in our recent history. Nazi army used 3D not only for photos, but also strategically for maps and even for aiming weapons more precisely. Even in the beginnings of the digital era and years before digital 3D cinema and 3DTVs a lot of people were discreetly making their own 3D images. But not only regular people and 3D aficionados, also celebrities like Picasso or the prolific Brian May, which is making 3D books and he has made tens of thousands of 3D pictures of Queen tours. Also scientific organizations like NASA use assiduously 3D on their projects (and with COVID-19 pandemic employees are conformed to use anaglyph glasses because they don’t have any 3D screen at home, let’s hope some of them get a nvidia 3D vision ready monitor or a The Looking Glass screen).


There are various 3D photo communities that brings hundreds of new 3D photographs every day to the world: Phereo, Holopix, and some Twitter and Facebook groups. For Phereo you have PhereoRoll3D App for Android (and Windows), and any developer can build a fork for other platforms like SmartTVs, as is Open Source. Holopix at the moment is only available on the Red Hydrogen One, but it will be available on future Leia devices, and users can share links to the images showing the 4 angles of image as an animated image. The same applies to some Facebook groups using the 3D Photo function (you can watch different angles of the image by tilting the device or moving the mouse), but if you have 3D screen you also will find groups of 3D images in SBS format that you can paste on Stereo Photo Maker to visualize on your 3D equipment. Also there’s some eye crossing images (in which case you should swap eyes in Stereo Photo Maker to visualize it correctly).


Also remember that it is very easy to take your own 3D photos with any camera or mobile phone, even if they are not 3D.


On any screen supporting Half-SBS:

Do you have PSVR? In addition to 3D blu-rays and watching 3D YouTube you can use it on a PC to watch 180 or 360 degree 3D videos.

If you have a VR helmet that you can use with Bigscreen remember that you can view any emulator, photo, game, video etc. that supports SBS 3D output.

Do you have nvidia 3d vision?

Remember our Best of 3D section to find verified by us content.

You can find even more contents to enjoy this quarantine on this article.


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