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Disney+ in 3D is what most people who come to our website are looking for

UPDATE: You can watch 100 3D movies for free on our ProMa King Tablet

Remember: Vudu have a catalog of 3D movies to stream (only available in US and Canada)

5 out of 10 search terms that arrive to our website are looking for Disney+ movies in 3D. Source: Google Search Console

A year ago we published an article to encourage people to ask Disney to include SBS 3D movies in their Disney+ service. It seems that the desire to see 3D in Disney+ has not waned, quite the contrary.

These past few months we’ve seen an increase in Google searches coming to our website, and most of them are to find out if there are any 3D movies in Disney+. And these are the 10 most used search terms, there are many more combinations of search terms that make our previously mentioned article by far the most popular of our website.

Our article with reasons and links to ask Disney to include 3D movies on their catalog is by far the most popular of Source: Google Analytics

Due to the pandemic, theaters have eliminated all the great premieres that were going to have a 3D version, and the boredom caused by so much saturation of streaming services, both due to an excess of services, as well as an excess of hours watching content in streaming, it seems that people no longer find it so attractive to hire more streaming services; no matter how much exclusive content a platform has, you will always have plenty of content on any other platform you have, so exclusive titles no longer seems so attractive.

On the other hand, the recent announcement of new 3D and 3D Holographic screens without glasses seems to be encouraging people to look for more sources of 3D content, sometimes out of necessity, because some movies have not been released on blu-ray 3D. In some countries, like Spain, there’s no 3D blu-ray of the last Star Wars movie, making 3D enthusiasts angry for not being able to complete their collection with the 3D version of the last movie in the trilogy.

People in Spain are very angry because the last movie of the trilogy is not available in 3D. Source:

Almost all 3D holographic devices being launched in the coming months support traditional SBS 3D content, and there are VR headsets and mobile devices that will also benefit and increase usage a lot by having new sources of 3D content.

Don’t hesitate to continue asking Disney to offer their 3D catalog.

Click this link to send Disney this text (you can modify it before sending):

@DisneyPlusHelp It’s time: Add SBS 3D to Disney+. New Holographic 3D devices & more upcoming in next months, millions 3DTV & VR users want 3D! No big investments, less bandwidth than 4K #BackTo3D


If we continue making pressure we can win (and also will Disney) and assure success of new Holographic 3D devices.


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