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Finally! Disney+ will stream 3D movies… But only on the Vision Pro


It seems that common sense has finally prevailed at Disney. Beginning with a few dozen movies, 3D movies will finally be available on Disney+, at least if you possess a Vision Pro.

The good news is that the films will look better than ever, with a stunning 4K resolution per eye (most theater projectors are 2K, regardless of whether they project a movie in 2d or 3D). Furthermore, it appears that you will have the opportunity to view High Frame Rate movies such as Avatar: The Way of Water. All with rich HDR colors and the best high-efficiency codecs.

Using Dolby Vision and Multiview High Efficiency Video Coding (MV-HEVC), 3D movies on Disney+ will deliver exceptional UHD resolution in HDR, unfiltered and independent for each eye, and at a high frame rate for several titles – ensuring that the filmmakers’ creative intent is fully preserved and reflected.

With 3D movies, Disney’s storytelling will also leap off the screen like never before with remarkable depth and clarity for an unprecedented in-home 3D experience on Disney+ with Apple Vision Pro. Viewers will be able to watch dozens of popular movies in 3D, like Avatar: The Way of WaterAvengers: EndgameStar Wars: The Force AwakensElemental, and Encanto. More titles, including those available exclusively to Disney+ subscribers, will be announced at a later date. Apple Vision Pro users can also rent or purchase most 3D movies through the Store tab in the Apple TV app. Users who previously purchased Disney movies that include 3D versions from the Apple TV app will be able to access those 3D versions on Apple Vision Pro at no additional cost.

Hopefully, they spread their 3D catalog to more 3D devices, like VR headsets, or LeiaSR devices (we think asking for 3DTVs or 3D DLP Projectors would be too much optimistic).


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