Why the iPhone is the best 3d device without 3D display

UPDATE: now more updates, this time to the AR capabilities with ARKit 6, improving the depth awareness of environment, and available to developers and their Apps. Example scanning an entire house in seconds. It is not a secret, the iPhone has become a great device to take 3D photos and videos. The excellent quality of […]

All the events in the Stereoscopy day: Content, Tips, Interviews, Goodies, Tutorials, and more

To end, there are some in-person events around the world:

June 21st: International Stereoscopy Day!

Stereoscopy Day is an international celebration of the birth of Stereoscopy, its inventor, British polymath Sir Charles Wheatstone, its pioneers and their successors up to the present day, its long history from its first Golden Age and subsequent periods of popularity, its rich diversity and multiple uses in various fields, as well as the sheer […]

Align 3D photos with Stereo Photo Maker using a 3D screen

Make the most of the Fujifilm Finepix W3 camera and it’s 3D photos & videos

Thanks to the ANAVision YouTube channel you can dominate your Fuji W3 like a pro! 00:14 Overview 01:42 Shooting Photos and Videos 04:58 (I think I’m in Trouble) 05:22 Viewing Photos and Videos 12:17 MyFinepix Studio 16:19 – Viewing Photos 19:00 – Viewing Videos 21:08 – 3D Movie Trimming 23:08:- 3D Movie Splitting 24:24 – […]

Real high quality 3D Lenticular prints with last Leia update

Leia is launching 3D Lenticular Prints with last update of LeiaPix (available for Lume Pad and Hydrogen). This update is a Christmas present to us! The new Leia Prints service lets you order high-quality many-view lenticular Prints of the Lightfield images you’ve posted to LeiaPix. They’re available in two sizes: Regular sized Prints are a […]