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June 21st: International Stereoscopy Day!

Stereoscopy Day is an international celebration of the birth of Stereoscopy, its inventor, British polymath Sir Charles Wheatstone, its pioneers and their successors up to the present day, its long history from its first Golden Age and subsequent periods of popularity, its rich diversity and multiple uses in various fields, as well as the sheer immersive magic it brings to any photograph and other applications.

Stereoscopy Day will be celebrated across the world every year on June 21st, which is the anniversary of the day in 1838 when Sir Charles Wheatstone officially presented his stereoscope to the Royal Society of London and demonstrated his theory of binocular vision.

Click/Touch image to open the original 3D MPO image. Online viewer.

The idea was sparked on the official 180th birthday of stereoscopy, June 21st, 2018, at King’s College London, with the talk “Professor Wheatstone, the inventor of the Stereoscope, was also there“.

Stereoscopy Day can be honored in many ways to promote the history and present uses of stereoscopy. These can include sharing stereoscopic 3-D posts on social media, such as stereo photos you’ve taken yourself (don’t forget to add #StereoscopyDay), highlighting stereoscopic treasures within collections, talks, presentations, interactive displays, workshops or exhibitions.

No matter where you are in the world, you’re invited to join in and celebrate #StereoscopyDay

Stereoscopy Day is organized by the Brian May Archive of Stereoscopy, a Charitable Incorporated Organization, with the support of numerous groups and organizations. In Tridimensional we support and join them to finally have an International day dedicated to Stereoscopic 3D. We’ll continue fighting to standardize 3D again, and supporting this initiative is another step towards that.

Brian May using the stereoscope invented by Sir Charles Wheatstone

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