All the 3D content & Apps with 3D capabilities available from launch day on Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro introduces 600 Apps designed to harness its ultra-high-resolution displays, With more than 200 available 3D movies on iTunes and Disney+, it surpasses traditional 3DTV in functionality. Supporting sports apps and immersive entertainment like Apple Immersive Video. Vision Pro also enhances work and gaming with productivity and spatial apps, and educational tools that offer immersive learning. Additionally, it allows unique music, shopping, and relaxation experiences.

Apple Reality Glasses will offer a 3D Mixed Reality world, including 3D video service

Apple is on the lookout for a number of new employees who will be heavily involved in promoting the company’s first mixed reality headset, which is currently in development. Apple also intends to develop a virtual 3D world to go with its future mixed reality glasses. According to Bloomberg, Apple is looking for several experts to join […]

Goovis Lite, new affordable personal cinema

Some months ago we published an article about the Cinera Edge personal cinema. Now we have found a more affordable alternative, and is better is some aspects. Goovis Lite is a new M-OLED personal cinema which offer some interesting features. This new device is a new addition to other Goovis devices, with 5 previous successful […]

Looking for a OLED 3DTV? You could consider this personal cinema instead

Cinera Edge is the world’s first personal cinema HMD that features dual 2.5K micro-OLED and a Dolby Digital® certified headphone (on the Pro model) with 5.1 channels of surround sound. The combination boasts a real theatrical immersive experience with fantastic video and audio quality, making the device a true mobile cinema. It invigorates your movie, TV, […]

Bumblebee & Mission: Impossible – Fallout available in 3D on BigScreen

UPDATE: Now also available Bumblebee, that also can’t be seen in 3D in another place. Today is a pretty big day because, after a great 3D release at cinemas, Mission: Impossible Fallout is available again for watching in 3D! BigScreen added the movie to their catalog, so don’t wait, take your VR headset and get ready […]

[UPDATED]Quarantined? Tons of 3D content to enjoy (bonus: build a 3D viewer)

If you don’t have a 3D screen… Not everyone can purchase a 3D screen. And now is even more difficult and expensive (unless you buy 3D mobiles like the Elephone P11 or the Red Hydrogen One -very cheap refurbished-). But you can convert your current smartphone on a personal 3D screen. You can either buy […]