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All the 3D content & Apps with 3D capabilities available from launch day on Apple Vision Pro

UPDATE: Added the list of all movies, along with the platform on which they are available.

In addition to the over one million compatible iPad applications, there exists a total of 600 1000 applications and games that are specifically designed to leverage the potent capabilities of Apple Vision Pro.

Users can navigate with their eyes, hands, and voice on the infinite canvas of Vision Pro. The device features ultra-high-resolution displays that deliver more pixels than a 4K TV for each eye. Spatial experiences on Vision Pro can transform any room into a personal theater for sports, TV shows, and films; unlock new ways to collaborate, create, and view digital content; and transport users to stunning gameplay environments and exciting new places.

More than 200 movies in 3D!

Only a few weeks ago, Apple announced that there will be available 150 movies on their iTunes Store / AppleTV+ catalog. The number has now increased to 200 for launch day! And that is without considering the dozens of 3D movies available from Disney+.

The oldest title is from 1953
MI: Fallout and Bumblebee never released on 3D Blu-ray

The Vision Pro is finally the long-awaited new generation device for watching 3D movies, both in hardware and content availability. This product costs more than a traditional 3DTV, but it’s cheaper than our glasses-free 3DTV, which is better for multiple people watching at once.


Sports fans will love the viewing experience on Vision Pro, with apps like PGA TOUR Vision, which uses real-time shot tracking layered on top of 3D models of real golf courses alongside key stats — leaderboards, scorecards, schedules, etc. — to bring the tour to life in a user’s space.

Red Bull TV displays 3D maps of races paired with high-quality video and immersive environments.

NBA and MLS Season Pass also have their App, but no word yet about 3D capabilities.

There are compatible apps from top cable services — including Charter Spectrum, Comcast Xfinity, Cox Contour, Sling TV, and Verizon Fios — and sports broadcasters — including ESPN, CBS, Paramount+, NBC, NBC Sports, Peacock, FOX Sports, and the UFC.

PGA Tour Vision. The next natural step after the 3D live map is to also capture the live footage in Spatial Video.

Immersive Entertainment

Alongside Disney+, IMAX delivers an awe-inspiring viewing experience for 2d and 3D content, featuring popular documentaries such as Deep Sky in IMAX’s expanded aspect ratio.

Max features hit movies and series, fresh originals, family favorites, breaking news, and live sports, with select titles available in 4K and Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos. The Max App will show the Iron Throne Room environment while watching their content, but they don’t have 3D movies or series in their catalog.

Apple Immersive Video, puts viewers right inside the action with 180-degree, 8K 3D recordings captured with Spatial Audio. On Apple Music, listeners can download and stream well over 100 million songs ad-free with Spatial Audio featuring Dolby Atmos and Lossless Audio with ultra-low latency using AirPods Pro (2nd generation) with USB-C.

While native apps deliver experiences that take full advantage of the capabilities of spatial computing, Apple Vision Pro users can also enjoy their favorite video and music streaming services in Safari, including the ability to open multiple windows, go full screen, listen with Spatial Audio, and launch an Environment for an entertainment experience unlike any other. YouTube and Netflix are better than ever, even without having a dedicated App.

Yes, it goes beyond 3D images, and can literally enter on your room.
Some immersive content includes:

– Alicia Keys: Rehearsal Room offers a rare glimpse into the Grammy winner’s creative process with this intimate rehearsal session featuring renditions of her hits “No One,” “If I Ain’t Got You,” and “You Don’t Know My Name.” Users can also access these performances as a special EP exclusively on Apple Music when it debuts.

– Adventure follows pioneering athletes as they take on awe-inspiring challenges in some of the world’s most sensational locations. In the first episode, Highlining, viewers step into thin air with highliner Faith Dickey as she takes on her greatest challenge yet: a daring traverse 3,000 feet (0.91 Km) above Norway’s breathtaking fjords.

– Wild Life takes viewers up close and personal with some of the most charismatic creatures on the planet to uncover what makes them unique, featuring the experts who know them best. The first episode brings viewers into the world’s largest rhinoceros sanctuary, where a former police captain has dedicated her life to rescuing, raising, and rewilding these gentle giants.

– Prehistoric Planet Immersive: The award-winning Apple Original docuseries from Jon Favreau and the producers of Planet Earth returns with an immersive film that transports viewers into the daily lives of dinosaurs, and follows the struggles and triumphs of these majestic animals amid spectacular scenery. Prehistoric Planet Immersive whisks viewers along a rugged ocean coast where a pterosaur colony settles in for an afternoon nap, which proves to be anything but restful.


Apps built specifically for visionOS, like Box, make it easy to collaborate and securely manage files and content, including 3D objects, while the MindNode app helps users brainstorm with thought bubbles that float around a user’s space. OmniFocus and OmniPlan use beautiful data and project management visualization in large windows to view a complete project plan.

Microsoft 365 productivity apps, Fantastical, and Numerics make use of the infinite canvas and sharp text rendering of Apple Vision Pro to make daily tasks effortless, and Navi translates conversations in real time, creating live captions, so users can see exactly what people around them are saying.

JigSpace combines 3D content, audio, video, and text in interactive, step-by-step spatial presentations showcasing the astonishing 3D capabilities previously only possible in HoloLens. Planner 5D is an easy-to-use 2d/3D interior design experience for Apple Vision Pro.

With Box, you can take a 3D model from the window and put it in the middle of the room.

When collaborating with colleagues, users can use 3D FaceTime calls. But users can also join Webex, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams from Apple Vision Pro, creating the ultimate meeting experience with multiple windows and shared content that can fill the space around the user.

With Jigspace the 3D model reflects the room; You can also get up close and peek into the cockpit

The integrated keyboard is a 2d layer, but remember you can use a “3D” 😉 real Bluetooth keyboard.

We expect there is a question of time that more Apps will use more 3D interfaces along the time, and they will surpass the excellent HoloLens ecosystem in a few years or months.

We clearly see a future on that this kind of data could offer more in less space with rich 3D charts.


Apple Vision Pro delivers fun and rewarding gameplay for players of all skill levels. Players can dive into games on the App Store that transform the surrounding space, use an Environment for a more immersive experience, or play compatible games on a screen as large as they want. To support a wide variety of games and spatial experiences, Vision Pro works seamlessly with popular game controllers, including PlayStation DualSense and the Xbox Wireless Controller.


With Apple Arcade, players can access a 2d catalog of more than 250 games on Apple Vision Pro, with no in-app purchases or ads, including hit titles like NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition, Sonic Dream Team, and TMNT Splintered Fate

With Game Room you can play to virtual classics like Chess, Solitaire, Yacht, Battleship, and Hearts

Arcade players will also experience the world of spatial gaming with a fantastic selection of immersive titles created specifically for Vision Pro.

These experiences take on a whole new dimension as players are transported to stunning gameplay environments in Synth Riders, twirl LEGO bricks with their fingers in LEGO Builder’s Journey, slice apples with their hands in Super Fruit Ninja, and so much more. Additional spatial games available with Apple Arcade at launch include Game Room, WHAT THE GOLF?, Cut the Rope 3, Jetpack Joyride 2, Bloons TD 6+, stitch., Patterned, Illustrated, and Wylde Flowers.

Super Fruit Ninja

In addition to Apple Arcade, players can access spatial titles on the App Store that offer a variety of gameplay experiences. Loóna brings relaxing 3D dioramas to life, Blackbox spatial puzzles float in the physical world, and Void-X reinvigorates the fast-paced retro arcade shooter in a dark, pixel art-style cityscape, boasting immersive 3D effects and intuitive eye and hand gameplay. Skatrix Pro combines physics-driven skateboarding and a unique 3D hand gesture joystick for a competitive and immersive skating experience.

Players can access more games from the Mac App Store and apps like Steam using Mac Virtual Display — including popular titles like Lies of P and Baldur’s Gate 3 — and enjoy smooth and responsive gameplay with Game Mode enabled on Mac.


Apple Vision Pro offers users an immersive, three-dimensional learning environment with apps like solAR, which brings the wonders of the solar system right to a user’s doorstep, or Sky Guide and Night Sky, which transport users into their own personal planetarium.

Users can even explore the red planet through the eyes of one of the three NASA rovers currently on the surface with Mars Explorer.

Insight Heart lets users understand the human heart like never before, while CellWalk takes users on a tour of life’s molecular machines to explore a whole bacteria cell, down to individual atoms.

Complete HeartX demonstrates a fresh approach to connecting tailored 3D anatomy and physiology with diagnoses and treatments to better prepare students for the real-world pressures of treating patients.


Entirely new experiences designed for spatial computing help Apple Vision Pro users discover places in incredible ways. Hold the World transports users to London’s Natural History Museum with Sir David Attenborough to explore rare specimens from its world-famous collection.

The Archive takes users to a different place to explore immersive locations, artifacts, and spatial media from the beloved mythology of Star Trek’s Gene Roddenberry and other legendary creators.

Apps like Voyager by ForeFlight give spatial context to the coordinated nature of air traffic control, creating the ultimate playground for aviation enthusiasts, and CARROT Weather uses 3D weather maps to deliver hilariously twisted forecasts.


Many popular apps have created unique experiences designed just for Apple Vision Pro, like djay, which allows users to mix their favorite music on two hyperrealistic 3D turntables. NowPlaying explores hidden stories behind music and enhances the listening experience, and video and audio streaming service STAGE+ allows users to get up close to the world’s greatest classical musicians like never before.

Apps like Spool create amazing music videos with studio-quality visual effects and unique and immersive editing tools, while Animoog Galaxy lives alongside users in a physical space, infusing it with constantly evolving sounds and colors.

AmazeVR Concerts brings users into the front row of high-quality concerts featuring live action footage of their favorite artists in stunningly rendered 3D VR environments. And with, users can discover new music, create choreography, and more.

djay allows you mix your music like a real DJ!


The powerful capabilities of Apple Vision Pro unlock highly immersive and dynamic shopping experiences like never before. J.Crew Virtual Closet and Mytheresa: Luxury Experience are reimagining shopping with live consultations and new ways to share looks with friends on FaceTime. Decathlon helps shoppers view, choose, and buy products, and see them in 3D in their personal environment.

Home improvement apps like Lowe’s Style Studio take advantage of spatial computing to let users design the perfect kitchen right before their eyes, and Wayfair Decorify helps them quickly and easily redesign their spaces. House hunters can use Zillow Immerse to get an up-close look inside select listings with virtual home tours and interactive 3D floor plans.

A virtual tour on Zillow. You can also view 3D floor plans.


With Apple Vision Pro, users can immerse themselves in private and calm spaces with apps that help them reflect, breathe, and focus. Mindfulness apps like Helium bring beautifully designed experiences to Vision Pro users, helping them relax and build resilience by creating stress-reducing memories of nature-based escapes. To not speak about the own’s Apple Mindfulness app.

Lungy: Spaces guides users through interactive breathing exercises and sound-based, active meditation, while wellness app Odio brings users into their own personal sonic cocoon with spatial soundscapes that transport them to a realm of calm and tranquility. Endel creates a new audiovisual experience with immersive light and sound, perfect for Vision Pro.

Apple’s own Mindfulness app.

One more thing

To end, we would like to look forward, and see what other things apart from media this device could bring.

Any user can enjoy Spatial Video and Images captured not only on the Vision Pro itself, but also on their iPhone (tutorial for capturing Spatial Video on iPhone 15 Pro / Max, soon for other iPhone models). Watching your memories in 3D could be the killer App for Vision Pro, but we think there’s a better feature, and is not related to virtual 3D images, but it is related to your real physical 3D objects around you.

You can capture 3D Spatial Video on your iPhone

So, what’s the killer App for Vision Pro? It is already preinstalled there, unnoticed for most of the people, the Shortcuts App allows, as in the iPhone, not only to make automations, but to control your Home-enabled devices. That means, you can control your home by looking and snapping your fingers, Thanos-style! Shortcuts unleash all it’s potential, and it becomes the ultimate way to remote control anything at home. The best remote is not having to use a remote, just looking and snapping.

An apparently rutinary App, could bring the most revolutionary use of Vision Pro

With new apps launching all the time on the App Store, Apple Vision Pro users will be able to explore new spatial experiences that continue to excite. And now the device is on the market, more developers can develop new experiences for them easier than with a simulator on the SDK.


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