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Looking for a OLED 3DTV? You could consider this personal cinema instead

Cinera Edge is the world’s first personal cinema HMD that features dual 2.5K micro-OLED and a Dolby Digital® certified headphone (on the Pro model) with 5.1 channels of surround sound. The combination boasts a real theatrical immersive experience with fantastic video and audio quality, making the device a true mobile cinema. It invigorates your movie, TV, or gaming experience, and escalates your daily entertainment to a new level.

The first Cinera HMD was a success, now they’re improving it on every way with Cinera Edge

Each of the two Cinera Edge’s screens delivers the astonishing 2560×1440 pixels, into a 0.83’’(2cm) area, giving it seven times more dense image than the iPhone 11 Pro’s display. Cinera Edge’s micro OLED screen is the critical breakthrough of Cinera Edge’s new screen technology, as it makes ultra-high resolution possible in a goggle. Thanks to it, we can reduce Cinera’s form factor without sacrificing image quality. The micro-OLED technology used in Cinera Edge delivers an ultra-high contrast ratio of 50 million:1 while not causing eye strain or fatigue. Its screen is using the same DCI-P3 color standard that is widely adopted by the projection systems used in movie theaters.

Cinera Edge screen is equivalent to 1200’’ from a 20m distance or 66° wide left-to-right. It is the only HMD that can achieve both a wide FOV and satisfy the PPD (Pixel per Degree). In fact, the bests VR headsets pale with only 15 or even less PPD, the sharpest VR headset, the Pimax 8K, have less than 23 PPD, but Cinera Edge have an unprecedented 38 PPD. It’s like you have a personal giant cinema, but with an OLED screen, making it even better than laser cinema. Deeper blacks and beautiful colors than the best theaters on the world. Because our experience with BigScreen and it’s 3D movie rental service we know that 3D in VR looks a lot deeper, so even movies with weak 3D could be great with this device.

Also, Left & Right images are displayed and transmitted to the two eyes without any overlapping or being filtered by glasses. Therefore, Cinera Edge’s 3D image is much brighter than you’ll find in cinemas. The Pro model you also will have an HDMI input, so you can watch 3D blu-rays (supports frame-packing 3D format from 3D blu-ray players) or connect the PlayStation 3 to play it’s excellent catalog of PS3 Stereoscopic 3D games. Also in Pro you’ll have 5.1 Dolby Digital sound, so you’ll get 3D not only on image but also on sound.

Do you use glasses? No problem, you will not need them! Cinera Edge has a diopter adjustment so that you don’t need to wear glasses when enjoying it. The adjustment range is -8D to +3D. There’s also Inter-Pupillary Distance Adjustment, so you can adjust to your eyes to avoid distortions, but this means it will also allow to slightly increase/decrease 3D effect!

But the good things doesn’t stop here, the device comes with Android! So you can install Apps on it’s 16/32GB internal memory (and you can add more space with microSD card), and control the system with an integrated touchpad, so you can enjoy Netflix, Disney+, Vudu (see? another reason to claim Vudu and Disney to offer it’s 3D movies in SBS format -instead trying to detect a 3DTV-), Twitch (you can see our Stereo 3D channel), YouTube (finally, a 3D device that can enjoy the unlimited 3D content on YouTube, not only that, you can also watch 3D 360/180 degree content!), and also you can enjoy VR games! The device comes with gyroscope and other sensors to allow VR. To not speak about any other 2d game or App. Cinera also have a small battery so you can use it outside, battery life is 3 hour. Enough to watch most movies, but should carefully plan if you watch a long movie like Titanic 3D or Lord of The Ring movies.

Cinera Edge will launch on December and will cost from 799$ but you can get yours from 449$ (hurry, limited units and the campaign is being a great success) if you pledge on their Kickstarter campaign:

Cinera Edge

Help to make this device a reality on Kickstarter.


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