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Goovis Lite, new affordable personal cinema


Some months ago we published an article about the Cinera Edge personal cinema. Now we have found a more affordable alternative, and is better is some aspects.

Goovis Lite is a new M-OLED personal cinema which offer some interesting features. This new device is a new addition to other Goovis devices, with 5 previous successful crowdfunding campaigns.

Impressive specs for it’s price

The twin FullHD displays have an impressive 53PPD (pixels per degree), making the already impressive 38PPD of Cinera Edge far below. Best currect VR headsets doesn’t arrive to 20PPD, that’s the cause of Screen Door Effect of VR headsets.

Close up of a window with a mesh wire screen over it
How Screen Door Effect looks like. Goovis Lite doesn’t have this issue.

Like the Cinera you can use without your prescription glasses thanks to it’s diopter adjustement per eye. You can also adjust lenses separation to the most appropriate for your eyes.

You can connect the device to any HDMI device, and power it by USB cable. So you can enjoy your PlayStation 3 Stereoscopic 3D games, watch 3D blu-rays, 3D files from a media player, watch 3D contents from a PC and so on (of course you can also use it for 2d contents). You can add an optional cast device to stream your devices (including your smartphone) to the Goovis.

You can have yours in March for only $349 if you back the campaign, when the campaign ends the price will be $749. Due to demonstrated expertise making the previous models, we are sure they will meet the March deadline.

You can get more information and back the project on their Kickstarter page:


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