ProMa King Tablet: Review + Referral program + Notice for US, Canada & Mexico users

We would like to remember to US, Canada & Mexico that the Indiegogo campaign will be the only place to get our stunning glasses-free 3D tablet. For the rest of the world, remember that campaign ends in 7 days, so hurry up to get at a discounted price! Also note that now you can use […]

Goovis Lite, new affordable personal cinema

Some months ago we published an article about the Cinera Edge personal cinema. Now we have found a more affordable alternative, and is better is some aspects. Goovis Lite is a new M-OLED personal cinema which offer some interesting features. This new device is a new addition to other Goovis devices, with 5 previous successful […]

Sony is launching professional Holographic 3D displays

Definitely this year there’s an explosion of Holographic 3D screens, and more are coming next year. This time is a big player like Sony who is launching a new addition to it’s professional catalog, an Holographic 3D monitor mainly focused on 3D model visualization, although it can be used with Unity and Unreal too to […]

Merry Christmas from Tridimensional: you will able to preorder Holographic 3D screens this week

Yes, we’re using an old anaglyph image to speak about our new Holographic 3D monitors 🙂 We can advance some features to you. The 4K displays offer SuperMultiView technology with up to 54 image angles; These 54 views are automatically generated from traditional 3D images (2 views). If you are wondering if these new visualizations […]

Differences between Stereoscopic 3D, Holographic 3D, and Hologram

If you usually visit this blog you may have wondered about the difference between 3D and other screen technologies. Here we’ll tell you the differences between them. First of all clarify that this terms are not official (sometimes neither the manufacturers themselves are able to explain clearly what kind of image their products offer). But […]

CES 2019. All the information about the upcoming Holographic 3D screens

CES is becoming more and more interesting for 3D enthusiasts. This year Holography has begun to steal prominence from other emerging technologies. It can be more widespread in the future than AR and VR, as glasses or helmets are not required. 3D is everywhere: cameras with depth sensor, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D scanners, use of […]