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Sony is launching professional Holographic 3D displays

Definitely this year there’s an explosion of Holographic 3D screens, and more are coming next year. This time is a big player like Sony who is launching a new addition to it’s professional catalog, an Holographic 3D monitor mainly focused on 3D model visualization, although it can be used with Unity and Unreal too to make custom Apps.

This monitor belongs to professional line of Sony monitors, so price and quality will be consequently high. The monitor supports 100% Adobe RGB. Price will be $4999,99 and firsts units will ship on November.

The Spatial Reality Display use an high-speed vision sensor and an algorithm for processing in real time content for each eye. This allows the 3D world to appear as smooth as in real life, even if you move around., not only horizontally, but also vertically and even approach or away from the screen.

Person interacting with High-speed Vision Sensor
Sony’s high-speed sensor follows eye movement down to the millisecond, sensing pupil position on all three axes: vertical, horizontal, and even depth.

Unlike other Holographic 3D devices the Sony’s approach needs eye sightment, so the number of image angles are almost unlimited while you stay on the limits of eye-sightment, and the image will be a lot sharper, but visualization is limited to one single person. So uses are limited compared to Looking Glass. In fact, Looking Glass Factory have written a “welcome letter” to Sony, while promising big news on December.

Looking Glass Factory letter to Sony.

But this letter is not an idea from Looking Glass Factory, Dimenco, who already sold some development kits of their upcoming Simulated Reality solutions to Sony, “celebrates” the launch of Sony’s suspicious similar product (they even copied the Simulated Reality’s SR acronym and changed to Spatial Reality, so we will use SRD -Spatial Reality Display- to speak about Sony’s solution). Though Dimenco’s solutions are far superior and will previsibly arrive on 2021 to a broader public.

Things are getting interesting…


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