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ProMa King Tablet: Review + Referral program + Notice for US, Canada & Mexico users

We would like to remember to US, Canada & Mexico that the Indiegogo campaign will be the only place to get our stunning glasses-free 3D tablet.

For the rest of the world, remember that campaign ends in 7 days, so hurry up to get at a discounted price!

Also note that now you can use the tablet as 3D monitor for your PC!!

We have launched a referral program, so anyone can earn money by recommending our tablet, each tablet purchased from that recommendations will get 5% of the sale! Recommend us to friends and talk about our tablet on 3D groups and earn money. You only have to register on the ProMa King glasses-free 3D Tablet referral program.

If you look for an extensive and advanced review of the 3D display of our tablet, ANA Vision have published a comprehensive review with very specific and detailed data:


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