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Merry Christmas from Tridimensional: you will able to preorder Holographic 3D screens this week

Yes, we’re using an old anaglyph image to speak about our new Holographic 3D monitors 🙂

We can advance some features to you. The 4K displays offer SuperMultiView technology with up to 54 image angles; These 54 views are automatically generated from traditional 3D images (2 views). If you are wondering if these new visualizations will be accurate, you need to know that these 2-image depth calculations have been done precisely for years on devices like iPhones and other smarpthones for these bokeh photos, the same technology as Red Hydrogen One from last year uses to generate H4V images (4 views) from the device’s only two cameras. The screen also comes with Android so you will be able to install Apps.

We’re currently implementing the store, but please note that due to the novelty of the technology the monitors will be manufactured on demand, and the manufacturing process will take about 35 days.


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