CES 2019. All the information about the upcoming Holographic 3D screens

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  1. Guy says:

    Great news about the potential rebirth of 3D. 3D TV set manufacturers never figured out that their main audience was gamers, not movie watchers. People like to multitask during movies at home, which made the glasses a hated feature. You can’t multitask while playing a game. Active 3D glasses were awful. As the tech improved with the passive glasses, the industry died. I’m holding onto my 4k TV with passive-3D rendering option until 3D is available again and hoping my TV doesn’t die until 3D lives again. Playing Xbox games in 3D on my 65″ TV is jealousy inducing. I invite neighbors over to see what the top of the great pyramid in 3D in the Assassin’s Creed Origins game.

  1. 24 July, 2019

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