Project Tag: 4DX

Spider-Man No Way Home

3D: Impactful and full of depth at the first minutes of the movie. Then incomprehensibly it gets slight with occasional nice pop outs. 4DX: Like the 3D, at the beginning you get an impactful experience, including feeling that you’re flying...


The Eternals

3D: Perfect, full of impactful images. There are a lot of moments where you feel like things are really coming at you. There are also incredible scenes of humans versus giant entities that are breathtaking. 4DX: Intense. The impactful of...


Venom Let There Be Carnage

3D: Good use of depth, some cool effects and scenes. 4DX: Intense List of theaters


007 No Time to Die

At last, we can watch the mythic 007 intro in 3D (and is very good in 3D, you feel inside a pistol) 3D: Very good-looking, moderate use of pop-outs, initial credits are a beautiful 3D artwork. 4DX: Moderate (no effects...



3D: becomes good from half of the movie. The first half of the movie have moderate 3D. 4DX: quiet except some intense scenes. Theaters with 3D sessions


Free Guy

Recommended in conjunction with 4DX system. It is like being inside a video game. List of active 3D theaters


Black Widow

Action-packed 3D for your viewing pleasure. 4DX 3D make a perfect experience, you really feel inside the scene. Remember to ask movie theater chains to put 3D sessions! It is up to us to make sure that movie theaters do...