Inside Out 2

3D: The movie starts strong with good depth and some aggressive pop outs. After the beginning, the pop outs are moderate, the pop outs increase towards the end of the movie. Depth across the movie is good in foreground, and milder in backgrounds. 4D E-Motion: This time we went to a theater using 4D E-Motion […]

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

This movie is recommended to watch in 3D and 4DX formats


Migration 3D: The 3D of this movie is excellent. Depth is present in close-ups and backgrounds. Close shots are at screen plane, half outside and half inside, but they have plenty of volume. There are many moments with pop outs and fun moments with the 3D. Overall, the 3D is splendid, above other recent animation […]

Aquaman 2

Aquaman 2: The Lost Kingdom 3D: A good 3D focused on overall depth, instead of occasional gimmicks. There are plenty of elements that appear half inside and half outside the screen (not abusing from that, is quite natural), so the overall movie looks beautiful in 3D. But in one particular scene (a sort of underwater […]

The Marvels

3D: Excellent depth in all scenes. Beautiful pictures of space. When something in space looks like it doesn’t have much depth, it’s because something closer is going to enter the scene. There’s a comic scene where the 3D is weaker, but still more fun than flat. There are almost no big pop outs in action […]

Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem

Ninja Turtles Mutant Chaos: Review of the 3D and 4DX aspects 3D: This movie is different from other movies in many aspects. At the beginning, with the credits and first scene, it seems it would be a movie with weak depth, but over the first few seconds the depth increases gradually, then, after a minute, […]

Meg 2: The Trench

3D: The initial scene was so impressive in 3D that the audience applauded with excitement. That was something we have never seen before at the beginning of a movie. The 3D quality of that scene is far superior to anything in the Jurassic Park/World films. After seeing the first scene, the rest of the movie […]

Transformers Rise of the Beasts

Movie seen on IMAX 3D 3D: The movie starts with things popping out at the edges of the screen, but somehow it produces a cool image without any annoying stereoscopic window violation. 3D is present along of the movie with good but moderate depth. Some scenes stand out in 3D, like a missile passing by […]

The Little Mermaid

Movie seen in IMAX 3D 3D: The beautiful scenes of this movie are very well rendered in 3D, there’s good depth in both underwater and exterior scenes. The musical scenes are remarkable in 3D, it enhances the beautiful images and acts as a showcase of 3D. Depth is good in both foreground and background objects, […]