Fast X

3D: The movie starts with a scene from a previous movie -featuring Paul Walker– remastered in 3D, which looks outstanding and makes us to dream of having all saga remastered at the same level. Plenty of homages of other movies, including previous Fast & Furious titles and The Matrix and Matrix Reloaded (we want The […]

Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3

Movie seen on IMAX theater 3D: This new installment in the saga has many moments when the depth of the scenes is showcased. However, it is one level lower than the previous two movies, in which 3D stood out in all scenes. Several scenes stand out, including a very spectacular shooting in a hallway, a […]

Super Mario Bros Movie

Download this image poster in 3D MPO. Or watch in 3D with our multi-format online viewer. The movie has beautiful depth that immerses more on the movie. Pop outs at the right moments make the movie more fun. But some scenes should have more depth to increase immersion, especially in landscapes. “Tunnel-like” scenes are impressive, […]

Ant-Man Quantumania

Due to too big differences between theaters, we won’t review the 3D sound anymoreThis movie was watched on IMAX screen, which gives stronger depth on 3D than other theaters. We toke this on account to not be too optimistic on the review. 3D: Good and natural depth during quiet scenes. On action scenes, there are […]

Avatar (remaster)

The remaster improves sharpness, brightness and colors. Also, the smoothness of action scenes. But depth aspects are the same. This is good (it was a movie with very good 3D), but it could be better (contrary to the most people’s thoughts, there are a lot of 3D movies with better 3D than this one, definitively […]

Thor Love and Thunder

3D: The firsts minutes of the movie are amazing in 3D, all planes have a beautiful depth, then the depth is slightly weaker until the impactful scenes at the end. There’s a scene with a funny trick with perspective, and then an epic black & white fight scene follows, with stunning details in 3D and […]

Minions: The Rise of Gru

3D: Very good, and full of depth and effects, 3D is very fun. 3D makes the movie a lot more fun. Initial credits are 2d, but the rest of the movie is great. 4DX: It’s perfectly integrated and very fun. As the 3D, it makes the movie even more fun. Totally recommended: Watch it in […]


3D: Good depth, ships are nice. Nice effects of faces reflected on glass, close to our eyes, like if we were the characters.

Black Widow

Action-packed 3D for your viewing pleasure. 4DX 3D make a perfect experience, you really feel inside the scene. Remember to ask movie theater chains to put 3D sessions! It is up to us to make sure that movie theaters do not forget about 3D. Do you know of any theaters that show the movie in […]