New indie 3D movie available on Kickstarter, in digital file and 3D Blu-ray

Crime Squad 3D tells the adventures of hapless cop duo Richard Rize & Dawn Shine as they attempt to take down Mr Big in their crime infested city. Facing danger at every turn, they fight the good fight on our behalf. Or at least that’s what it says here. Crime Squad 3D was meticulously shot […]

The King is here

Get your crystal-clear glasses-free 3D ProMa King Tablet here.

3D photographers: Looking Glass Portrait will include direct support of SBS 3D images

The successful crowdfunding campaign of Looking Glass Portrait announce new benefits for backers, including direct support for SBS 3D images and a Voxatron license (a platform of Holographic videogames). There’s also support for the depth maps of Portrait photos on iPhone and now also with Android so you will suddenly be able to watch your […]

Goovis Lite, new affordable personal cinema

Some months ago we published an article about the Cinera Edge personal cinema. Now we have found a more affordable alternative, and is better is some aspects. Goovis Lite is a new M-OLED personal cinema which offer some interesting features. This new device is a new addition to other Goovis devices, with 5 previous successful […]

Looking Glass presents a new affordable Holographic device and raises $1 million in 24h

The Looking Glass Factory did it again. The first Looking Glass was a success, even when their devices were intended for creators. Now, they’re introducing the first Holographic display intended for everyone: Looking Glass Portrait. And the results have been blunt: $1 million dollars in 24 hours. And the crowdfunding campaign still have 42 days […]

Help Restore the 1977 Martial-Arts Classic Dynasty in 3-D

This stereoscopic gem will fly off the screen in Super 3-D and Quadrophonic Sound! Since October 2015, 3-D Film Archive has successfully restored twenty vintage features for preservation and Blu-ray release. Generous backers have supported two previous Kickstarter campaigns presented with 3-D SPACE: September Storm and El Corazón y la Espada.  They are now asking for your help […]