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New indie 3D movie available on Kickstarter, in digital file and 3D Blu-ray

Crime Squad 3D tells the adventures of hapless cop duo Richard Rize & Dawn Shine as they attempt to take down Mr Big in their crime infested city. Facing danger at every turn, they fight the good fight on our behalf. Or at least that’s what it says here.

Crime Squad 3D was meticulously shot using native 3D technology in 2012/2013 and released to the near thunderous applause of the cast, crew & their families in mid-2015. Having launched on YouTube just as the 3D craze was waning, the comedy web series was only available online for a short time prior to being saved in Enhanced Dimensions 3D Vaults. 

Only previously available in 3D online via YouTube in a compressed side-by-side format at 720p, this will be the first time Crime Squad will be seen as intended in full 1080p Glorious Digital 3D.

Crime Squad has been completely remastered from the original source footage, re-edited and finally includes the cheesy TV style laughter track exactly as Producer, Director and all-round-“nice”-guy Andrew Murchie intended. Some may call him a dictatorial fascist, but that wouldn’t be fair at all. He’s really nice. Or at least that what is says here.

So welcome one and all to the 3D Blu-ray you never knew you wanted and may or may not regret owning. Creamed Squid 3D – In Superstereovision. You know you want it, punk. It’s gonna be great! There’s also an Anaglyph version included if you don’t have any 3D display.

You can reserve your desired format on their Kickstarter page.

Crime Squad 3D is a parody of 70s/80s TV cop shows. The initial plan was to have the series look like it had been filmed in the 1970s and had been recently rediscovered and “restored” from aging VHS tapes. However, the very limited production budget simply didn’t cover enough to give costumes and sets a genuine 70s look, so the series as released was a compromise of this idea and budgetary constraints.

Half-SBS scenes and presentation

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