How to Upload 3D to YouTube. How to Watch 3D on YouTube (and channels with good 3D videos)

NOTICE: Currently, there’s a bug on YouTube that doesn’t allow to correctly upload 3D videos. More information on this post: UPDATE 4: We added how to upload as frame-packing for best quality possible. UPDATE 3: Fake your browser as TV so you get the SBS image instead red and blue anaglyph: On any chromium […]

Windows: New 3D film premiering April 25th at your home

3-D SPACE presents the independent 3-D experimental film “Windows” to enjoy from home We may not be able to watch a lot of 3D movies in theaters right now, but we still want great 3-D films. The experimental 3-D feature film Windows by independent filmmaker Kevin Ford will premiere online on Sunday, April 25, at […]

3D photographers: Looking Glass Portrait will include direct support of SBS 3D images

The successful crowdfunding campaign of Looking Glass Portrait announce new benefits for backers, including direct support for SBS 3D images and a Voxatron license (a platform of Holographic videogames). There’s also support for the depth maps of Portrait photos on iPhone and now also with Android so you will suddenly be able to watch your […]

ProCam update allows iPhone 11 to actually be a 3D camera

A recent update of ProCam 7 for iPhone added direct takes in SBS 3D. As iPhone 11 (including the Pro and Pro Max) comes with an slightly wider stereo base than Hydrogen One it allows to make better 3D photos. It’s still low separation, but you can get real 3D photos in real time with […]

Enough! Demand Disney to include 3D movies on Disney+

UPDATE: You can also demand them to include 3D movies on this form. Keep making pressure! UPDATE 2: You can watch 100 3D movies for free on our ProMa King Tablet Remember: Vudu have a catalog of 3D movies to stream (only available in US and Canada) As you probably know, Disney is launching its […]