Apple Vision Pro. Is it a game changer for 3D?

Apple Vision Pro is the entirely new device Apple is bringing next year. This device is both something already seen on other devices, but also something entirely new. Basically, Apple Vision Pro is an AR (Augmented Reality) device, but made using highly advanced VR (Virtual Reality) technology. This way they can avoid all the big […]

Disney+ in 3D is what most people who come to our website are looking for

UPDATE: You can watch 100 3D movies for free on our ProMa King Tablet Remember: Vudu have a catalog of 3D movies to stream (only available in US and Canada) A year ago we published an article to encourage people to ask Disney to include SBS 3D movies in their Disney+ service. It seems that […]

You can use 2 smartphones as a powerful 3D camera with Camarada

UPDATE: Camarada 2.0 for Android allows to make 3D photos from a single device by making horizontall scroll. And you can share results as SBS, Anaglyph or Wigglegram GIF. Check this video: As you know there’s a simple way of making 3D photos with any camera. But that doesn’t work for video or when […]

Google backs halfway VR. New triumph of 3D.

New evidence that virtual reality is going to become a niche for certain situations, rather than as something generalized as we were led to believe. In Google have realized that people have found it difficult to upload content in 360 degrees, the difficulty of preparing scene for placement of the camera (or preparing the stage […]

Another “VR” 3D camera surpasses goals on Kickstarter

A super compact 3D camera capable of capturing shake-free videos has raised double the funding goal to bring it to life. SID claims to offer an immersive and stereoscopic viewing experience. Weeview has created this device and patented digital video calibration to make the form factor so small that the camera fits in the palm of your […]

TwoEyes, the most versatile VR/3D/360 camera raised +190000$ on Kickstarter and Indiegogo

TwoEyes is a VR camera that allows recording on 360 degrees 2d, 180 degrees 3D and 360 degrees 3D. If you use it vertically it works like any other 360 degree camera on market. But if you rotate horizontally you can record videos stereoscopically, and you can capture at 180 or 360 degree, using only […]