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Google backs halfway VR. New triumph of 3D.

Last Updated on 5 November, 2017New evidence that virtual reality is going to become a niche for certain situations, rather than as something generalized as we were led to believe. In Google have realized...


LucidVR 3D 180 degree camera taking pre-orders

Last Updated on 30 June, 2017[Update June 2017]: LucidVR finally has even more image quality with 4K30 default format, but 60fps has been dropped After a successful Indiegogo campaign, one of the best quality 3D...


Volumetric Video: is the future

Last Updated on 19 February, 2017Remember the Google’s .jpg depth map? It can be applied to video, but it’s still better. Not only you can turn around the video to see from back if you want, there’s...